Virtual Assistant: 7 Services Each Traveler Should Use

When we are going on a trip, we try to prepare as best as possible so that the vacation brings only positive emotions. This is especially true for those who want to travel by car. In addition to questions regarding airline tickets, accommodation, and places to visit, drivers should take care of finding a car. Fortunately, there are now many services offering under 21 car rental in Boston, Los Angeles, and many other places around the world. This makes it possible to pick up a car even for youngsters.

In addition, many other services and applications are designed to make life easier for the traveler. Here are some of the best ones…

  1. Hopper

Hopper is a service for searching the cheapest flight tickets. A special price forecasting system has been introduced on the site, which helps its customers save up to 40% on tickets. In 95% of cases, Hopper finds cheaper options than its competitors.

The price forecast function notifies users of the cheapest options for ticket purchase dates, and the ability to save personal and payment data makes it possible to purchase in 10 seconds when the price is as low as possible and hasn’t yet changed. There is also a price calendar service at which you can plan your trip in advance. You can download the convenient mobile application to your smartphone powered by iOS or Android.

  1. Couchsurfing

This is a popular international project, for many years helping travelers from all over the world get acquainted with the culture of different countries and at the same time, save money. Its main idea is that everyone can register on the site and invite any tourist to stay for a night.

Although such mutual assistance is completely free of charge, both parties benefit greatly from this. It consists in the possibility of direct contact with other cultures, language practice, interesting communication and, of course, staying for free of charge.

  1. Hitchwiki

Hitchhiking is one of the cheapest ways to travel anywhere you go. But due to its specificity, hitchhiking may not always be safe or convenient, especially for beginners.

Therefore, before you ‘get on the big road’, be sure to visit this site, which collects information from experienced hitchhikers from around the world. Tips, secrets, real stories, interesting places, instructions and much more is waiting for you there.

  1. HolidayMe

HolidayMe is a multiservice that allows you to find a hotel room, book a ticket or purchase ready-made vacation packages in the most interesting places on the planet. The site presents a wide selection of tourist destinations and the most advantageous offers for them, including 300 thousand hotels around the world, 8 thousand tourist offers and more than 300 airports. In addition to this site, there are various guides and a separate blog for travelers.

The site often has various promotions that are dedicated to holiday dates or events. Also there are often promotional codes with discounts of 25-40% on hotel room reservations through the HolidayMe service website.

  1. Uber

This is an ideal service if you don’t know the local language, don’t see the numbers of the house where you are or simply don’t have taxi numbers in the new city.

An additional advantage is that the driver won’t be able to take you on a long route or cheat when calculating. You can count on Uber if you are in the capital or in another very large city. True, for example, Uber doesn’t work in Hungary – keep this fact in mind. For ordering a car you will need the Internet access.

  1. com is a UK-based service offering comprehensive travel services. The site was opened in 1998. The project was created for quick search and reservation of hotel rooms, rental vehicles, and booking tickets.

The service is aimed at active youngsters who want to have fun on the weekend or on vacation. Travelers are offered beach vacations, flights with delivery to a night club, hotel accommodation on the seafront, and guided tours.

On the site you can find budget hostels and expensive five-star complexes. The project has its own call center to help you choose the right tour or entertainment on the day off. For residents of Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, France there are unique offers, as the site has been translated into the appropriate language.


  1. StubHub

StubHub is a service for finding tickets to various entertainment events. By using this site you can sell or buy a ticket for football, a concert, a performance in a theater, etc. The platform guarantees the security of transactions, adapts to the user’s current geo-location, and offers sorting of offers by interests. The platform was founded in 2009, and the number of tickets sold exceeds 300 thousand.

StubHub is a good tool if the tickets for the event you are interested in are already sold out. People, who managed to buy a ticket for themselves, for different reasons may want to sell them. This service allows such people to do this quickly and safely.

The site operates in 40 countries in Europe, America and Asia. By default, you see ads that people from your country have opened. If you want to get a ticket to an event that will take place abroad, you can select the desired location from the list.

Modern travel services are a way to save time, money and nerves. They allow you to quickly complete the task that you need, and at the same time you will be satisfied with the simplicity of the process. Therefore, it’s recommended to use them for your upcoming trip.