10 Unique Ways to Increase Sales for Your Online Store

As a virtual store owner, your primary goal is to increase sales for your online store, whether it is small or large. In today’s marketplace, where there are giants like Amazon & Alibaba, competing through online channels needs a solid strategy. Implementing a strategy to improve sales and achieve what you prefer may sound easy, but it needs your focus, time, and effort. 


You may have learned about some strategies and implemented some already. Some are really easy and require thorough market analysis, and some are complex but take time to adapt. But to maximize the conversion rate and incoming traffic, we have come up with some of the best ways to increase sales for your online store. So, here are the 10 unique, actionable techniques. 


Create Engaging Sales Copy 


It might sound self-evident, but we are amazed about how many online stores write checks that their items cannot bring profit. You should create an honest and engaging copy to establish your online store’s reputation. Honest and engaging copy that does not only focus on making sales will encourage customers in your brand. 


Be honest, straightforward, and provide real-life examples to make your sales copy believable. From your site’s homepage to the email marketing campaign, you should provide something natural about your product everywhere. Your example should be relatable to customers’ real-life usage of the product. Therefore, your claims should match what you are promoting and offering. 


Today’s customers are aware of what they are spending their hard-earned money for. This notion also relates to how your company positions itself. Have you ever come across a website that appears to be maintained by one or two individuals but has text that would be more appropriate for a multibillion-dollar corporation? 


This strategy makes you appear silly and affects the credibility of your brand. If you’re a small business, be proud of it and be honest about it – many customers prefer smaller shops because of the more personalized, unique service they can provide. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.


Gain Trust Through your Customer’s Testimonial 


Custer feedback, reviews, ratings, and comments have never been more crucial in today’s era of the online marketplace. Interestingly, this implies that one of the most powerful weapons to increase sales for your online store is customer testimonials provided by customers who are delighted with your service. 


When it comes to gaining trust, including customer testimonials on your website is more effective than a sales copy. Because customers are more into other customers’ reviews and ratings. Also, they want to hear what others are commenting on about the product. You can provide the best service and represent how your customers are gushing about you. That positive feedback should be represented around your website. 


Consequently, including trust signals may be a great approach to boost online sales since it generates a stronger positive image for the company in the prospect’s mind and can perhaps overcome objections ahead of time. Include any professional recognitions your company has up and center on your website, even if it’s something simple.  Ensure your buyers are aware of your excellent list of delighted clients.


Generate a Sense of Urgency in Customers 


Customers always love discounts, coupons, and incentives. This is because incentives generate a feeling of urgency, such as limited-edition items and time-sensitive special offers. While there are as many methods to do this as there are items to buy online, certain tactics may be more productive than others.


If you are not creating something exceptional or limited edition products, including free shipping and discounts with conditions. This will lure the customers to instant purchase due to their sense of urgency. 


You can always provide different types of discounts such as: 


  • Discount based on a percentage 
  • Discount based on price 
  • Discount on specific products
  • Bundled discount and more 


Offer coupons to your customers, which they can use at any time to get discounted products. Keep in mind that whether it is a coupon or discount, it should be a limited-time offer. This type of discount always catches customers’ attention more effectively. You can always include discounts and coupons for specific products. You should choose the right sales channel while providing these coupons to get into action. 


Apply Upsell and Cross-sell


It would be amazing if your online shop could propose relevant goods to your clients while they are buying. There are two different methods of recommending products – (1 ) Upselling and ( 2 ) Cross-Selling. 


However, upselling and cross-selling can increase sales for your online store dramatically. Because it motivates customers to get more products even if they have already added products to their cart. 


Upsells Technique 

Upselling is a method that pushes clients to buy additional products by promoting items that are comparable and better. Buying more involves persuading clients to buy more costly or updated items based on suggestions.


Cross-sells Techniques 

Cross-selling is a strategy for persuading buyers to shop for extra items, services, or products that are linked to the ones they’ve previously chosen. When you are adding similar products as a suggestion to your customers, there is a big chance to increase sales for your online store with less effort. 


Grab More Customers with Money-Back Guarantee 


Risk aversion – the desire to avoid a potential loss – is often one of the most influential elements in a consumer’s choice not to buy anything. This apparent danger is almost always an economic issue. Why should someone purchase your goods? What happens if they don’t function or the buyer dislikes them? Even minor purchases can lead to “buyer’s regret,” so address this concern right away by providing a risk-free money-back guarantee.


If you can minimize your customer’s risk, they will buy your products more willingly. Therefore eliminate everything that would deter them from doing so. 


Focus on Lookalike Customers 

Using the information you have about your consumer base to locate others who are similar to them is one of the most effective strategies to increase online sales of your online store. You may accomplish this on social media by using lookalike clients as a specific trigger option.


Lookalike audiences in social media such as Facebook are individuals that have similar qualities and habits to clients in your database. You submit your information to Facebook, which then compares it to its proprietary info (as well as data from third-party data aggregators) to find matches that meet your requirements. You may also construct duplicate audiences using tracking pixels and information through app installations or plugin installations. 


This is a terrific method to put your current customer data to utilize for you since it allows you to dramatically increase sales for your online store. Also, reach with little effort and utilize highly targeted advertising to tempt social media users identical to your present clients.


Feed Your Product Information 


Your product information is your key to reaching out to different marketing channels. Therefore, you need to feed your product which means transferring your product information to different channels such as Google, Facebook, eBay, Bing, and more. 


For example, To create the feed in WoCommerce stores, you can utilize the WooCommerce product feed. To create the feed file, you need a Product Feed plugin which you will get in the plugin directory of WordPress.


With such a tool, you can also create ads after transferring them to several marketing or product promotional channels. So, you are getting the opportunity to display your site’s product information and also promote them. Simply think what the magic of product feed does by spreading all your product feed info at once. 


Include Pop-Up Offers & Ads on Your Website 

If you’re a retailer wanting to increase sales for your online store, don’t overlook the value of opt-in deals, which are prompts that urge consumers to join your website through the newsletter, mailing list, or loyalty scheme. Opt-in offers can help you not only grow the number of contacts in your database (a valuable asset for your next email marketing campaigns), but also boost quick online sales.


A well-planned offer, for example, discount or free shipping or some percentage off of their starting sales, can convince your customers who are in doubt before buying from you. If they decide not to get the product right away. But they may eventually sign up to get your offer. Those customers may return later to grab the opportunity after seeing it once. 


When releasing an opt-in offer, make certain you test each aspect to get the most out of it. Assess the copy’s language, placement on your site, and how visitors are guided through the procedure. A/B tests various deals to discover which ones get the most sign-ups. 


Try implementing the pop-up appears just before users are ready to depart the page, prompted by a site departure. The greater the majority of individuals that sign up for the newsletter of your site or loyalty program you are offering, the more future sales you may be able to generate


Send Follow-Up Emails to Grab More Customers 


Unfortunately, many organizations’ customer experiences come to a stop after they’ve received a client’s cash. This is a huge error in terms of client renewal. Make doubly sure that you have a smart, polite, and really beneficial follow-up system already in place for new buyers if you want to improve your online sales quantity.


After your clients have provided you with their credit card info, don’t actually forget about them. The more you give importance to them after they’ve purchased anything, the more likely they’ll become devoted brand ambassadors who will not only become pleased regular shoppers but also tell their pals about how awesome you are. 


Offer a consumer something complimentary after they make a purchase.  Use social media to communicate with them. Send them a meaningful, informative follow-up email with reasons to do business with you once more and then repeat. Make your consumers think like the priceless they are to you, whatever you do it – consider interactions, not only the cash transactions.


Optimize Your Site for Mobile Device 


It’s shocking how many internet companies have “mobile” sites that are improperly designed and optimized. Currently, mobile users and shoppers have surpassed the number of desktop users. If you are really focused on increasing sales of your online store, it’s essential that your site is optimized for mobile device users. 


Make the purchase process for mobile users as easy as possible. This might require a complete redesign of the checkout process on mobile devices. You may separate the mobile site. If you look at Amazon’s website, you will see a proper implementation of the mobile devices. Explore the online marketplace and then create your site design. 


Properly crafted navigation and satisfying user experience are the essential parts of a nicely optimized mobile interface.  The more difficult it is for customers to identify and buy their preferred product, the more obvious they are to leave your website and go away. Pages should load almost instantly, and navigating should be straightforward.


Don’t bore your customers by asking too many questions. Allow your clients to return to their shopping cart again in the future, even on mobile devices. Don’t expect instant sales from mobile device users. Since using mobile devices is easier, make the process easier for them and convert them later. 


Final Words 

We’ve served you the whole strategy book with 10 unique ways to increase sales for your online store. Please check each strategy carefully and then implement it on your site. 


These strategies are evidently successful in increasing sales in any category of online stores such as WooCommerce and more. But keep in mind that you can always explore newer strategies beyond the ones that we’ve mentioned. We highly recommend you to provide your valuable comment in