Errors Truck Drivers Should Avoid

Common Errors Truck Drivers Should Avoid

Rookie truck driver or not, people make mistakes and if you don’t quickly take corrective action on a driving error you commit, you’d likely end up getting into trouble. If you’re a newbie, learn from experienced truckers but take note, there are also pros who give bad advice. So, it’s crucial to get the right advice from the right people.

For instance, if you’re searching for a semi tractor for sale, a colleague you’ve known for years might recommend you to buy from a dealer that’s known for some sort of ‘notoriety’ but is offering cheap deals. If you choose to buy used, deal only with a respectable dealer rather than a dubious individual in order to really get value for your money.  

Then, if you have just received your certificate for driving training, don’t be too trusting on your skill. Even truck driving veterans commit mistakes one time or another in their lives. Here below is a list of the mistakes commonly made by truckers that have to be avoided at all costs.

Common Errors Truck Drivers Should Avoid

1. Continuous driving despite health issues

These issues include lack of sleep, over-exhaustion, obesity and more. All drivers are supposed to be in top condition when they’re on duty. Tired, sleepy drivers are dangerous according to the pros. Too much exhaustion at the same time driving continuously can lead to accidents. You must know your limits. Don’t force yourself to drive just to reach your goal. If tired, stop and take a rest. Your safety and health are more important than your trucking business.

Another concern – obesity, results when drivers always go for fast food sold at truck stops and then sit behind the wheel for hours on end, without bothering to do regular exercise. Obesity may lead to heart, back and sleep problems – conditions that will surely affect your trucking career.

2. Snubbing road signs

Not paying attention to road signs can definitely spell disaster. These signs are meant to instruct drivers on what to do and where to go so that road accidents and catastrophes can be avoided. For instance, the clearance marker that shows “Low Clearance” means you shouldn’t force your large vehicle to pass through if it won’t fit or else you run the risk of getting stuck. Or if not, you happen to enter a one-way street by mistake just because you overlooked the sign. So, you’re just endangering your life aside from causing a traffic jam.

3. Getting lost along the way

You were so confident about getting your stuff delivered on time because you presumed you had the right address. But it turns out, you’re getting into unfamiliar territory. Before departing, plan your trip well, study the routes you’re going into and arm yourself with modern devices that can give you directions correctly.  Sometimes, being overconfident and too complacent about directions can land you in the wrong place instead.

4. Backing up without familiarizing yourself on the area 

Backing up is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges a newbie truck driver faces. If you’re uncertain about doing it correctly, get out of your truck and literally inspect the vicinity for obstacles. Clear all obstructions before you proceed and calculate your move. You need not hurry or do it fast. What matters is that you focus on your act.

These are just 4 of the numerous things on the list but the bottom line is, you must maintain focus when driving to avoid unnecessary mishaps.