What Is Vaping and What You Need To Know About It

What Is Vaping and What You Need To Know About It

The health risks when smoking regular tobacco cigarettes have been known for a very long time, and it’s a habit that is very difficult to get rid of. There are many methods to quit smoking cigarettes, and one of them is vaping. It’s a healthier alternative to cigarettes or cigars that have been around for quite some time. Some people start vaping out of curiosity. There are many questions asked about vaping – what exactly is it, how it works and whether it’s safe. Read on to see what is vaping and what you need to know about it.

What is vaping?

Vaping is using an electronic device – a vape, to vaporize and inhale an e-juice instead of smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are different from vapes, as they have tobacco, where vape juice doesn’t have to include tobacco. There are many options of vaping devices to choose from, depending on your preferences. Usage of vapes brings health benefits if you have stopped regular smoking. They are a great aid in stopping the addiction.

What is it made from?

Vapes have different hardware parts made from metal or plastic, glass and electronics. The important part is the atomiser – where the liquid is stored. They are usually made from glass, food-safe plastic or stainless steel. The last part is the wick, made from unbleached cotton. Parts used for making vapes are very safe to use.

Models of electronic vapes

What Is Vaping and What You Need To Know About It

If you are looking into buying a vape, you will see that there are different models to choose from. They can cater to cigarette smokers that are having a difficult time quitting smoking. In this case, there is a model that resembles a traditional cigarette. Cigalike vapes usually don’t have long battery life and they produce very little steam.

A pod type has the same principle as the cigar-like, only it’s shaped like a USB key, which makes it easier to carry and fit into a pocket. It has a better vapour production but still a short batter life.

Tube type of vape has a cylindrical shape and it’s very effective. The battery has a large capacity and lasts a long time between charges. They can also have different settings for smoking.  You can easily try out different flavours with this type of vape.

A box-shaped vape is similar to a tube, except for the shape. They are large in capacity, have good battery life and they have better ergonomics.

Ways to vape

There are two ways to vape. One is mouth-to-lung vaping, a popular technique with former cigarette smokers. The vapour lingers in your mouth first, you inhale and then exhale, with a smaller cloud of vapour. It imitates the cigarette, helping you transfer to vaping from smoking.

A second approach is direct-to-lung vaping. The vape is inhaled directly into the lung. This way can be harsh on your throat, especially if you are new to vaping. The flavour is also not intense, as the vapour doesn’t linger in your mouth. This is also how you create the big clouds of smoke that are used for smoke tricks. If you are using nicotine, DTL vaping has a cut down level of it. 

What is e-juice?

E-juice or e-liquid is what you put in your vape to smoke. The e-liquid is safe to use and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or ingredients. It is made from vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Glycerine is a safe chemical used in many different industries, including the food industry as a sweetener and as a common ingredient in skincare. Propylene glycol is used as a food additive and it dilutes the glycerine and keeps the product moist. It is also used in skincare, medicine, etc. Vape liquids can also contain nicotine, which can be helpful for people who are trying to stop smoking.

E-liquid flavours

Flavours are a speciality of vaping, and it’s a common thing that keeps tobacco smokers from going back to regular cigarettes. Flavourings used in e-liquids are food-safe, and they can come in a variety of flavours. The vaping liquid itself doesn’t have a taste unless there is nicotine in it, which gives it a peppery taste. There are many flavours to choose from in an e liquid in NZ, like mint, coffee and berry. It can be really fun to try out different flavours that can range from fruits to cakes and other delicacies.

How to choose?

As there are many different types of vapes and flavours, the best way for you to find the one suitable is to try them out as much as you can. Your first vape and flavour might not be the best option for you. Liquids get used depending on your smoking habits, so you will fairly easily be able to try new flavours.

Starting vaping can seem intimidating, especially with all the types of vapes and flavours. Ask for help if your friends vape, and do as much research as you need. It can all come down to trial and error until you find the perfect combination of the vape and liquid flavour for you.

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