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Six Common Types Of Addiction

There are many types of addiction in the world. In fact, you may know somebody with an addiction. Addiction is something that can change somebody’s life for the worse. It can affect their work and relationships with other people. Furthermore, different types of addiction have different solutions. 

There are many different communities in the world and they all have different normalties. Additionally, there are some things which are okay but aren’t ok in different societies. Let’s take a look at the top 10 addictions in the world. 


Coffee Addiction

Coffee is a very addictive substance and the Western world is very reliant on it. You will know many people you work with who have a coffee before work. Additionally in Western society, having coffee throughout the day is very acceptable. However, there are a couple of health issues that coffee addiction can cause. 

One of the main issues with coffee is restlessness. Many people who drink a lot of coffee also have issues with getting to sleep. Coffee addiction can also cause anxiety if you drink too much. 

Coffee is an addictive substance and you shouldn’t drink any more than five cups of coffee each day. If you think you need more then you could be addicted to it. Try to reduce your daily intake so you only have one or two cups a day to help reduce insomnia. 


Tobacco and Nicotine

In the UK, smoking seems to be very common. It is something that many people are doing from a young age. It leads to many people developing an addiction to this substance. Furthermore, many people in the Western world smoke and are addicted to smoking despite knowing the damage it causes to your body. 

According to the World Health Organisation, smoking is responsible for 90% of lung cancers in men and 70% for women. It is also known that smoking causes 80% of respiratory diseases. As you can see, smoking is highly damaging to the body which is why it is important to stop. 

The younger generation doesn’t seem to be smoking nearly as much as they once were. Now, young teenagers seem to be smoking e-cigarettes and vapes. Although these are much safer than smoking a cigarette with tobacco in them, they still have nicotine which is an addictive substance. 

Although nicotine is highly addictive, finding a replacement instead of cigarettes is advised. That is why many people use nicotine patches, vapes, e-cigarettes or velo pouches. All of these produce fewer harmful effects unlike smoking cigarettes. 



Alcohol is one of the oldest substances in the world and many people believe that if it was recently discovered, it wouldn’t be legal. The only reason why it is legal is due to the money that governments and businesses make from it. 

Alcohol is a normality for the Western world and due to this, many people are addicted to it. However, there are many mental and physical health conditions that alcohol can cause. Furthermore, alcohol is linked to over 60 different types of diseases. 

When consuming alcohol, it is advised that you don’t consume more than 14 units of alcohol per week. Alcohol addiction is very serious and many people don’t realise they are addicted. They just think they are drinking a moderate amount each day. 

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction has increased a lot in modern society due to the media and the Internet. Just like other types of addiction, sex addicts will seek sex to escape from reality. They will also seek it from several different partners causing relationships to fall apart. 

According to the Mayo Clinic Health System website, roughly 6-8% of US adults could be classed as sex addicts. That is roughly 24 million people in the US population. It is also believed that due to modern technology, it is continuing to increase, with around 4.7 million people watching up to 11 hours of pornography each week online. 


Illegal and Prescription Drugs

Another common type of addiction is to medicinal drugs. However, many people are also addicted to illegal drugs as well. One of those drugs was OxyContin. You may have heard of this because of the documentary on Netflix called Painkiller. This drug was released to the public as a painkiller but caused a drug abuse epidemic in the US. 

There has also been an increase in young people stealing drugs at home and using them for recreational purposes. The younger generation must be educated on the misuse of medicinal drugs from a young age. 

As we all know, illegal drugs are a massive problem in Western culture. That includes cocaine and heroin. All of these are banned all over the world but are still used and consumed at a mass scale. 


Gambling Addiction

Gambling is another major cause of concern due to the number of available betting sites. Again, gambling has become more of a problem with the modern generation due to the internet. More people can access these gambling websites to make bets on sports all over the world. 

Gambling addiction is a major problem and the addicts tend to only think about their winnings and never their losses. They will continue to seek the thrill of winning a bet until they get their next one, no matter how much money is lost. 

Gambling addiction isn’t something you can easily walk away from because betting is legal. This is a massive problem in society because you will see many billboards, sponsors and advertisements with betting companies. 


To Conclude

There are many different types of addiction and some of them may come as a surprise. Addiction is very common in society and there are many forms of it. Dealing with addiction is a massive problem and does require professional help, no matter what it is. 

Work addiction is something else accepted in society and is often disguised as a hard worker when in reality, it is a mental health condition. This can affect family and relationships and is one of the many reasons why relationships break down. 

If you ever think you are addicted to something, you shouldn’t be afraid of speaking to a professional about it. The sooner you do this, the less likely of a problem it will be. Professionals will have many solutions such as therapy, exercise or meditation. Refusing professional help can only make matters worse so make sure you speak to someone before it affects your mental well-being. 

Try your best to find new hobbies to distract yourself from your addiction whilst seeking help. That would include a workout routine or hiking every weekend. These can be great ways to avoid gambling and drinking addictions.