3 Areas For Content Marketers To Focus On During COVID-19 Crisis

3 Areas For Content Marketers To Focus On During COVID-19 Crisis

It is difficult to carry on functioning like normal while a pandemic looms in the backdrop. Professionals in different professions are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their heads up and focus on what’s necessary.

Content marketing is no different. Professionals in the field no longer have the direction and purpose they did before he pandemic locked them into their homes. It is thus vital for professionals in every field, including content marketers, to know which parts of their professions to focus on. 

3 Areas For Content Marketers To Focus On During COVID-19 Crisis

Given the scope of content marketing, it can be tedious to nail down specific areas to focus on during the COVID-19 crisis. In this article, we discuss three areas for content marketers to focus on. 

Content Planning

During normal times, content marketers are never able to allocate time to plan their content strategy well enough. Most strategists would tell you that content marketing efforts and decisions are often instinctive when they have to be made on a real-time basis.

The lack of time argument is nullified during this period as content marketers have more time now than they ever had. This time can be used to streamline the content ideation, creation, and publication process. 

Market Research

How many times do content marketers actually stop and think about their audience? Not very often. In the real world, there is hardly enough time to devote to studying the audience and analyzing the market. 

During this crisis, content marketers can nail down the different segments of their audience they have to serve and create content strategies for each of them.

Content Updating

If there is content written months and years ago that did well initially in search rankings but has seen a fall recently, it is because the content wasn’t updated. In this extended break, content marketers should start updating their blog posts and articles for better search visibility. 

In Conclusion

Content marketing covers a lot of different segments within itself. The days when content marketing would only be relevant for writing blogs and articles are now over. From social media to video content, the role of content marketing has become crucial in all such activities. It is the practice that helps marketers create content that successfully influences the audiences into performing an action. During this crisis, content marketers are lost for direction. This article discussed three areas for content marketers to focus on. 

About the Author- Komal Priya is a content marketing blogger with five years of experience in writing content for big companies from a range of different sectors. She currently writes guest blogs for several top names in content and SEO like DelhiCourses.in, the best institute for a digital marketing course in Delhi.