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Ever felt exhausted by the excessive efforts put by you in your professional career? Have you ever felt low even after giving life your best shot? Are you bogged down by a chronic pain that modern medicine has yet not found a cure?

If your answer for any of the above questions is “yes”, then read on. 

Since the birth of humanity, nature has been providing us with the cures for all our ailments. Infact, the origins of modern medicines can be traced back to mother nature. Be it a physical ailment and pain or a mental agony, mother nature has a solution for all. It is just a matter of time before we find it.

We at Zaad Botanicals, have made a humble attempt to decipher mother nature’s message to us and have attempted to bring you what she had to offer to humanity. Kratom powder is one such super product which is amongst the most understood by most of the population. 

Known by its scientific name as Mitragyana Speciosa, it is an evergreen tree with dark green leaves and can grow to heights of 25 meters. The plant has been a part of traditional medicine in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea for ages. Traditionally, its leaves are consumed in various forms – smoked, chewed, taken in powdered form as capsules or pills, boiled with teas or as extracts added to different liquids.

In these countries, Mitragyana Speciosa is used as a medicine for treating multiple conditions like coughs, diarrhea, intestinal infections, pain reliever, energy booster and appetizer. In some countries it is even used for deworming intestines and even as an enhancer of sexual desires. 

By nature, it is bitter in taste. Hence, generally it is consumed along with a sweetner to make it palatable. When taken in any form -paste, powder, capsule or tablet, Kratom starts to work its effect in less than ten minutes. The stimulating effects include things like improved alertness, sociability, giddiness and decreased motor coordination. Larger dosages can cause a sedative effect with effects lasting upto six hours. 

Kratom consists of a lot of alkaloids which have a strong physical effect over the human body. These include a lot of positive as well as negative  effects. Unfortunately, the lack of research is what is holding back its acceptance as a therapeutic agent. 

At Zaad Botanicals, we take extreme care while selecting the right variety of plant. The produce is then sorted and cleaned painstakingly to produce the best quality powder. This powder is then packed in convenient multi-size packs and made available to discerning customers who believe in the power of alternative medicine. Customers can conveniently order these packs by shopping online too. 

Besides this, Zaad Botanicals also has introduced CBD vaporisers. This single-ingredient CBD vaporiser comes with a rechargeable battery for convenience. Also, being reusable over multiple  times, the CBD vaporiser saves time, effort and offers absolute comfort to the user. The simplicity of the device lies in the fact that it comes with raw distillate, that too without any additives making it pure and potent. It’s easy to use and carry pen form makes CBD vaporisers an ideal companion when you are on the move. Also, disposing it is extremely easy. When recycled and disposed properly, it prevents any contamination of the earth and ground water, thereby preventing any unnecessary pollution. 

With a capacity of upto 250 puffs in one go, the CBD vaporiser ensures that the user gets to consume even the last drop of its prized ingredients. Once consumed, the pen can be refilled and reused time and again. 

Today, Zaad Botanicals is recognised as one of the best sources of  Kratom across the USA. We are also  known for our timely despatches and the widest range of pack sizes to suit your consumption needs. 

So, if you are a believer in alternative medicine or you are suffering from ailments for which modern medicine has still not found a solution, then we recommend that you try us once. It may take you a while to get accustomed to the phenomenal results out of our products, but once you do, you will simply love them. 

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