The Most Stunning Places To Visit In England

If you live in England, you will know that there are many places which you avoid. However, there are also plenty of places that you visit as well, whether that is a major city or a town in the middle of nowhere. It all depends on what you prefer. 

If you love the countryside, we have gathered some of the best places to visit in England. Now we are pre-warning you. These stunning coastal towns and villages are out of the way. They are the type that you will need to drive to. You must also be prepared that you won’t get a good phone signal in these areas. If any at all. Nevertheless, no phone signal gives you the chance to enjoy the area more, which is what you want. 

Whether you are looking for a long weekend away in a town you have never visited or somewhere new to live. We have gathered some of the most stunning places in the UK that are great for visiting. They are not quite like some of the beaches in Alicante but they do offer you some of the best weekends away. 

The Lake District

If you didn’t know, the UK is the newest protected site by UNESCO and it is no surprise either. This fantastic haven of countryside is full of lakes and mountains, perfect for hiking. Furthermore, it has a variety of villages that are also great to visit. 

One of the most famous lakes of the Lake District is Lake Windermere. However, this is one of the more popular tourist destinations, especially during the peak of summer. If you want somewhere that is less busy, we advise you to head over to Ullswater Lake. For those adventurers, you can even paddleboard. Then if you want to test your fitness, hike to the top of Harter Fell. At the top, you will have some of the best views that the Kae District has to offer. 

If you want to stay in the Lakes for just one day, you can. However, we recommend you spend a full weekend here. Spend one-day paddleboarding or hiking. Then spend another day in one of the stunning villages that the Lake District has to offer. Ambleside is one of those towns that you have to visit. A village which is mainly populated by elderly/retired people so you won’t see any trouble. 

Corfe Castle

Corfe Castle is another great area to visit in England. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest castles in England. Built in 1086 for William the Conqueror, it was a royal residence until 1572 so this castle has a lot of history. 

The best part about visiting Corfe Castle is that you feel like you are stepping back in time. The castle of Corfe has many little boutiques and spots where you can enjoy a fantastic Sunday roast. Once you have finished there, hop on the train and head towards Swanage. 

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is another destination to visit in England and it isn’t too far away from the capital, making it the perfect spot for those city slickers to enjoy the countryside and escape the high rises. The Cotswolds has it all. This magnificent natural beauty is a place you have to visit just one time in your life.

As soon as you get there, head towards Bidbury where you can see Arlington Row, one of the most picturesque spots in England.

When visiting The Cotswolds, we advise you to use a car to get around. Travelling around the Cotswolds is very easy in a car and it makes it easier to visit the different hamlets around there. If you don’t have a driving licence then it isn’t the end of the world. All you need to do is visit the village and get a fantastic tour whilst you are letting someone else do all of the hard work for you. 


Cambridge is a city that everybody has heard of in the UK. It is one of the most difficult Universities to get into as well. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest universities and cities in the UK as well. Plus, it is only small so you can see everything in one weekend. 

There are many places to visit in Cambridge but the Church of St Mary the Great should be at the top of your list. Once you have finished here. Head over to the Kings College and chapel. If your jaw doesn’t make your jaw drop to the floor, nothing ever will. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in England.

Once you are inside the King’s College, keep a lookout for the wooden rood screen that is inside the chapel. It has a lot of history. It was gifted from Henry VIII to Anne Boylen and is a magnificent feature inside the building. 

Cambridge isn’t just about sightseeing either. There are many brilliant brunch spots where you can break up the day with quality food. One of those spots is the Fitzbillies. It is great for either lunch or dinner so pick and choose when you want to go to this fantastic spot to eat. 


Bath is absolutely breathtaking and is a spot that is very underrated in the UK. This city is very ancient and so is the Roman Spa settlement that has features dating back to the Roman period. This spot is something that you cannot compare to other areas, especially when it comes to the history of it. 

When you visit Bath, you need to visit the Roman Baths and find out more about the history of this stunning city. Then once you have finished educating yourself on this amazing city, head over to Sally Lunn’s Buns. 

Final Opinions

There are so many wonderful places to visit in England that we cannot list them all. Nevertheless, the areas that we have mentioned are certainly worth the visit. Whether you want to spend a day in these areas or if you want to spend a full weekend there. 

These historic cities are the hidden gems of England. They are the places that only English people know about and are not filled with too many tourists. They are areas which thrive from people visiting every weekend by people like you and me. They are not like the major cities that have some of the largest shopping centres in the UK. They survive from the locals supporting the community they live in with the odd tourists visiting during peak times. 

If you haven’t visited these places then you certainly need to head over and enjoy them. Spend the weekend there and enjoy the natural beauty of England with either your friends or family. They are spots that you have to visit one time in your life.