Top 5 Road Trip Ideas from Phoenix, TX

Top 5 Road Trip Ideas from Phoenix, TX

Phoenix is the hot and dusty capital of Arizona. You are lucky to spend your days visiting Camel Mountain, watching all the fabulous animals at the Phoenix Zoo, or stepping through the deserted botanical garden. However, you will have plenty to do driving out of the city. Below, we suggest you take one road trip in the US from Phoenix. 

Phoenix to Los Angeles

Top 5 Road Trip Ideas from Phoenix, TX

To drive to the West Coast, come to a minivan rental in Phoenix AZ and take a comfortable vehicle. As long as the way lasts about 6 hours, we suggest taking a larger car. A minivan rental is favored because one can carry all the baggage and offers enough space for people. Choose I-10 W and hit the road watching different towns on your way, for example, Palm Springs with many activities, bars, and hotels. Likewise, you can turn to the Colorado River Reservation, Joshua Tree National Park, and Coachella Valley Preserve while driving. Choose any location before LA. You will adore any of them!

Phoenix to San Diego

Turning to I-8 W, you will spend about 6 hours heading to San Diego. The route goes through desert landscapes. Do not forget to bring bottles of water with you! You may make your first stop in Gila Bend to visit its Gatlin Archeological Park. Then navigate to Yuma which possesses a history and lots of sunshine. One of the biggest tourist attractions in all of Yuma is the Yuma Territorial Prison Park. Climb the guard tower and look at the observation deck overlooking the Colorado River.

Phoenix to Albuquerque

Take an impressive ride to Albuquerque. The itinerary you get is full of local beauty. You will attend a car rental in Phoenix and head to the northeast by I-40 E. Come to see Tonto National Forest, the largest of the six national forests of Arizona. It boasts of varied landscapes with heights from 1400 feet near the desert of Sonora to 7400 feet near the pine forests of Ponderosa on the edge of Mogollon. There are many hotels, bars, and campgrounds on your way. Thus, you can retrieve nature easily! When you arrive at your destination, you can choose all the activities from national museums and galleries to ABQ Biopark. 

Phoenix to Las Vegas

Top 5 Road Trip Ideas from Phoenix, TX

Take the highway US-93 N. That road is difficult. Thus, pay attention to your car and traffic conditions. Do not make a speed more than 70 mph. The trip will last about 5 hours. You will cross Wickenburg and Kingman. You can plan your holidays to live in Hualapai Mountain Park.

Hualapai Peak is over 8 thousand feet high. Likewise, come to Hualapai Ranch. That is the first stop on the route to the Grand Canyon. Then, go to Henderson and Las Vegas. You can drop off your rental minivan in Nevada’s locations and begin exploring the city of the greatest nightlife. 

Phoenix to Tucson

Top 5 Road Trip Ideas from Phoenix, TX

Your next point is not so far but just in 2 hours of drive. Tucson is considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. The city is in the south of Arizona, on the territory of a large oasis. That is a place in the valley of the Santa Cruz River, surrounded by a semi-desert plateau next to Mt Mica and Tucson Mountain Park.

Tourists in these parts are attracted primarily by many well-preserved buildings of Spanish architecture. There are many museums, including the Museum of the Arizona Historical Society. Do not miss seeing Saguaro, the indigenous miracle, the cactus forest.

There were some highlights of road trips from Phoenix. You may select one of them to get the holidays of your life! Travel and add your destinations to this list. Good luck!