Best Kid-friendly Attractions Of Detroit

Best Kid-friendly Attractions Of Detroit

When there occurs an idea to take a road trip with kids, there are many things to arrange. Along with pleasant expecting of future holidays, you should consider details, like a route, the right vehicle, packed medicines and everything that can help in case of occasions. We are here to offer you some points in Detroit to visit and make your memories brighter. Check our list of kid-friendly attractions below. 

Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum

Unbelievable, but the museum began as a pharmacy in 1937 and evolved into heaven for game apparatus lovers. The reason for the twist is the founder was also a skilled master in mechanics and electrics. He collected the machines. Now they are represented to numerous visitors. Most of the devices still operate well.

The attraction will be exciting to younger family members from age 7 and up. Adults like the place as well. If you, perhaps, remember the games from your childhood time, rent a car fast and come to meet your nostalgia.   

Best Kid-friendly Attractions Of Detroit

Westview Orchards & Adventure Farm 

Over 200 years of history, since 1813, the Westview Orchards raised the fruit trees and crops on almost 188 acres. Such a calm location exists to give you the feeling of tradition and fun. Enjoy and pass it to your family. You are going to meet pure nature, show your closest people something new, and taste the grown products. It matches the requirement of all ages. Farmers produce homemade pastries and sample fresh apple cider themselves.

If you fly by plane to Detroit car rental is already at the airport to serve you. Check all the possible vehicle options on the website in advance and pick wheels after landing. Take a minivan from Budget DTW Airport for your family and friends, and come to this fabulous place. Remember to check the variety of events and weekend festivals on the seasonal calendar in advance, as long as their program may be different. 

Detroit Kid City

Head to the unusual location that brings your children to the world of running their small city. It is going to be especially interesting at the age 8 and below. The concept consists of various play zones and toys of childish size. There are miniature buildings, squares, busses. Your kids can try different occupations and professions. At the same time, parents will also have some time to rest in a cafe.  

Legoland Discovery Center Michigan

This site is for you to get some dose of inspiration, creativity, and color from Lego toys creators. Involve your kids in many interactive zones and funny activities. Build and construct something unique with giant blocks. Experience virtual reality with favorite Lego characters. 

The attraction is for diverse ages. You know Lego has different lines, like the Kingdom Quest, Miniland, Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, Duplo Farm, and others. Thus, the Legoland Discovery Center Michigan is the right spot for the entire family.

The Mall at Partridge Creek

The Mall at Partridge Creek is an unusual open-air shopping center. Enjoy pop jet fountains, beautiful flower beds, and a newly designed children’s play park. They gather all types of activities for visitors. Restaurants wait to serve hungry clients with different types of cuisine. By the way, the Mall offers amenities a 30-ft. fireplace and a dog-friendly atmosphere. It arranges concert series in the summer.  

Have some fun!

We have prepared some route points to make your holidays unforgettable. Car rental Detroit will assist you with good and comfortable transport. Thus, have some rest, as long as you get the high-quality service inexpensively. Enjoy your holidays!