Styling Tips For A Man’s Winter Wardrobe

Winter fashion is officially upon us and we must admit, it isn’t the best time of year for men’s fashion. There are a lot of men out there who struggle to dress for winter. They just think it is the time to get their big coat out of the wardrobe and put that on over a woolly jumper. Although that might work for men, for some it doesn’t, especially when they are trying to be “fashionable”. 


If you are one of those men who struggles to dress for winter, you have come to the right place. There are plenty of simple tips to follow for winter fashion so read on. 

The Golden Rules To Remember For Winter Clothes

If you want to look your absolute best during the winter months. There are some golden rules you need to follow to ensure you look your best. Let’s look at the golden rules for men during the winter season. 

Swap Out Your Big Coats

It is a simple change that many men seem to get wrong. Some men will wear the same coat all year round when that should be the case if they wish to keep warm and dry. Winter is not the time of year to be wearing bomber and Harrington jackets. However, it is the time of year to be wearing large woolly coats and parka jackets. 


During winter, you should have two types of coats that will keep you warm. You should have a casual winter jacket, ready for the winter months. You should also have a dressier winter coat that will keep you warm. 


The problem with a dressy winter coat is that it is likely not waterproof. However, there are still many waterproof coats on the market which will keep you warm and dry. You will have to spend a little extra to ensure you buy this type of coat. 

Swap The Summer Layers For The Winter Layers

Another thing many men get wrong is wearing the same jumper and t-shirts all year round. However, different types of jumpers are more suitable for winter than summer. Consider buying a heavy-weight hoodie and jumper that you can wear at work. Summer sweaters are not the items to be wearing during winter, including summer t-shirts. 

Woolly Hat Season

If you don’t have any winter accessories then you are doing it all wrong. Winter accessories are quintessential to men’s fashion.


You may think that you don’t look right wearing a hat however, there are many different styles of hats to wear. We are strong believers that everyone suits a hat, they just need to find the right hat for them.


If you are confident that you don’t want to own a hat then you don’t need to buy one. We are not going to force you to wear one. Instead, opt for a scarf to keep your neck warm and out of the cold, fresh air. You must own a scarf to keep your body warm during winter, especially when it is snowing. Just be prepared for your ears to be cold. 

Boots Are Another Must-Have

We all know that trainers are not the right footwear for winter. They don’t have the same grip as winter boots and your feet won’t stay dry. We all know the golden rule for this one. If your feet are cold then the rest of your body is also cold. 


A good pair of boots suitable for both casual wear and smart wear is very important. Furthermore, boots look great for the ultimate manly look during winter, giving them another reason why you need a pair of boots in your wardrobe. 


Just like hats, we believe there is a boot for everyone. You just have to shop around to find the right footwear for yourself. Think of a boot that will go well with the other outfits that you have in mind. That should make the decision much easier when you are looking for the correct boots for you. 

Outfit Ideas For A Winter Look

Now that we have taken you through the golden rules of men’s fashion in winter, it is time to give you some inspiration for your outfits. As soon as you see other outfit ideas, it will make shopping for your winter wardrobe much easier. 

The Smart-Casual Look

One thing we can guarantee during winter is that you will still be looking for that smart-casual look. Jeans are still a great idea with winter fashion as denim will keep you warm however, it may not keep you dry. Nevertheless, if you know it is going to be a cold but dry winter day, jeans are the perfect choice for your outfit. 


To complete your smart-casual outfit(s), we advise you to buy a couple of woolly sweaters. We also recommend some plain shirts to go underneath your jumpers. Just to ensure you are wearing the right layers for your outfits. 

Still Denim Season

Denim clothes are great for the winter season because of how warm they are. Furthermore, you can add a denim jacket to your collection if you need another winter jacket. Plus, you can guarantee that it will never go out of season. The material is too convenient for winter and far too stylish. 


When buying denim clothes, we advise you to go to a brand known for quality denim clothing. For example, Levi’s is one of those companies that have built a fantastic denim reputation over the years. 

Layers Are Key

Layering is also very important in the winter season. A T-shirt, woolly jumper and then a large winter coat is perfect for winter. It is simple but essential to keep you warm and looking stylish.


Make sure you buy plenty of gloves, scarves and hats for winter. They are a much-needed accessory for those extra cold winter nights. Maybe even wear a vest if those layers mentioned above are not enough. 

To Conclude

Winter fashion for men is simple and effective. All you need to do is swap out your mens streetwear for winter textiles. Plus, you need to ensure you are wearing enough layers. Not to mention wearing the appropriate footwear to keep your feet dry. 


It may seem like there is a lot to remember however, all you need is a few staple pieces that you will know will last you for many years to come. Avoid fast fashion trends and stick to a contemporary look. 


There you have it, your ultimate guide to winter fashion. Don’t forget to upgrade your skincare routine with natural skin care products to keep your skin protected from the cold, harsh winter weather.