Tech Gadgets for Truck Drivers

Top 4 Coolest Tech Gadgets for Truck Drivers

The advancements in modern technology paved the way for the availability of various gadgets and devices to suit different purposes. Some are geared towards safety and security, while others are more focused on providing a seamless means for communication. 

There are even innovative tech gadgets now designed for the use of truck drivers who are frequently on the road. This article delves into some of the coolest tech gadgets that you need to have if you are driving a big rig.

Dashboard Camera

One of the coolest gadgets that are beneficial for truck drivers is a dashboard camera or a dashcam. Some of these are designed to capture footage of the road condition while the driver is driving, while others are installed to capture footage of the interiors of the truck. There are even dash cams that are capable of providing both simultaneously.

A dashcam that captures footage of the road condition can prove to be a valuable piece of evidence during unfortunate road mishap incidents. On the other hand, a dashcam that captures footage of the truck interiors will be beneficial for truck operators, allowing them to track the specific time that their drivers are on the road or at rest. 

Some of the semi-trucks for sale at come with these dash cams, which is considered a good deal. Rest assured that it is quite effortless to find the perfect dashcam that suits your needs because of various online sources where you will be able to get them.

Global Positioning System, GPS

Another cool gadget that proves to be beneficial for truckers is a GPS device. This will allow them to know the best route to take to get to their destination. The reason behind this is that there are instances wherein even if the driver knows his route like the palm of his hand, the road that he usually takes may be closed. 

This is where a smart GPS device proves to be advantageous, particularly if it has the capability to display alternate and best routes. This will lead the driver to his destination on time even with unforeseen road closures or traffic jams.

Smart Logbook Device

In the past, truckers needed to manually enter all the information about their journey in a logbook to keep track of their deliveries. Nowadays, there are already smart logbook devices or electronic logbook devices (ELD) that make this process more efficient. 

Even if the truckers still need to manually enter the information they need to record, the process proves to be faster. The best part is that the data recorded can be stored in a cloud server, which significantly reduces the possibility of data loss.

Wireless Fidelity Hotspot

Another cool gadget for truckers is a wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) hotspot device that they can use to connect to the internet and access the data that they need online even if they are on the road. 

In this case, they can synchronize the data that they have recorded in the logbook to a cloud server as soon as they establish a connection through their Wi-Fi hotspot. Otherwise, they can also use the hotspot to stream music while they are driving or to stream shows and videos during their break time. 

The Bottomline

The types of gadgets listed above are only some of the coolest ones that you will find in the market today. For sure there are several other devices that can pique your interest, depending on your preferences. Rest assured that all these are geared towards ensuring that you get to reap and maximize the benefits that innovative technology can offer as you sit behind the wheel of your big rig.

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