HP vs Dell

HP vs Dell | Who is the King in Laptops?

Dell and HP are the biggest computer companies in the world. They produce some of the highest end and the most durable machines. However, the question arises, which one is the real king in this arena and who will win this laptop battle. Let us find out which one is the best, HP or Dell. Here we will compare both of these companies and find out which one is the true king of computing.


Dell started and opened its doors for the computer business in 1984. They were some of the first who began producing computers. They have now branched towards the realm of laptops and spend most of their r&d here.

HP started in a garage, and they took their start specifically in the production of workstation-grade laptops. However, nowadays they also design desktops, printers, scanners and other peripherals which you might need for your computer.


 Dell laptops have a very uniform look at keeping the design very minimal. They do believe in the philosophy of keeping things the same until a change is needed. Their Alienware brand, however, does feature some of the craziest design choices like backlit keyboards and illuminated logos.

HP laptops, however, are some of the most stylish laptops around. They do not keep anything under the wraps and will add as much style to a machine as they can.

In the appearances, we can safely say that HP takes the win from Dell.


When coming to components, HPs and Dells have the same parts as provided by the manufacturers. Both of them have screens ranging from 11 to 17 inches with the highest resolution they both offer being 4k. Their graphics processors also range from the intel HD to high-end Nvidia and AMD offerings.

One place where HP takes the edge in this battle is that they use 3 to 4 cell batteries while Dell only uses 2 to 3 cell batteries. This makes it so that HP laptops can have battery lives of up to 12 hours.

So, in this close battle of the components, HP takes the lead. 


With the same components mostly, HP and Dell laptop’s performance is roughly the same. Both of their highest-end laptops with the same components perform the same with some minor delta.

The performance competition ends with a draw.


In the innovation department, Dell and HP are always doing their research and development and trying to make their components better and better. Dell, however, does do minor feature sets while HP is always looking at dramatically changing their laptops and its looks. They are still staying on the cutting edge of technology and trends.

Hence here we will award HP with another point

Customer service

Dell laptops have some of the best customer services in the world. They will do their best by not letting you wait and try to solve your problem as much as they can. If remote connecting their pc to the customers does not solve the problem, they will ask you to go to their carte center where their experts will try to help you. If they cannot make it work for some reason, they will give you a new laptop.

HP’s approach is mostly hands-off in customer care, and we will redirect you to their youtube channel, which to be fair are very extensive.

However, we think that Dell is the clear winner in this and are pleased to award this point to them.


In the pricing department, Dell takes the win for a few reasons. One is that they use an authorized reseller; second, they are not changing their designs every year. HPs laptops are great for what they do and are of exceptionally high quality. However, they are generally a lot more expensive than their competitor offerings.

HP vs Dell: Who wins?

 If you were counting then you might have seen in our point table, HP is the clear winner, however by a tiny margin. So, which one is the best entirely depends on you?

If you want a laptop that is reliable and cheap, buy a Dell, you will never go wrong with it. If you want a gaming laptop, buy an Alienware from Dell. They are the best gaming notebooks around.

However, if you are looking for a computer that is sleek and trendy with a healthy dose of price and performance, then HP is the best for you.