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6 Jobs That Require High Speed Internet

Are you familiar with internet speeds? If so, then, pretty sure you know what megabits per second or Mbps means. The higher the Mbps, the faster your connection. The Federal Communications Commission of the US sets 25 Mbps for download speeds and 3 Mbps for upload as the standards for broadband internet.

In today’s digital world, the last thing people would need is slow connectivity because speed really matters – for work, entertainment, business and more. The following connections are responsible for providing high speed internet for practically all types of online activities – DSL, cable, satellite, wireless or fiber-optic technology. But, did you know there are certain job types that can hardly be done without high speed connection?

Jobs That Require High Speed Internet

Here below is a list of some jobs that need super faster speeds in order to be accomplished:


This work entails the use of telecommunications tools like email, phone, chat and video apps wherein the employee is completing the work assignment in a remote setting or outside the conventional workplace.

Web Development

This refers to the practice of building websites and web applications for the internet or intranet. The latter is very much like an internal internet where employees can communicate in private for the purpose of faster communication, sharing of information, collaboration tools including operational systems, and lots more.

Social Media Management

The work involves managing one’s online presence on social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. You need stable and fast connection as you create, publish and analyse the content you post at the same time interacting and engaging with other users of social media.

Competitive Gaming

When your job involves the use of video games, you must have a faster connectivity for electronic sports. Esports for short, this form of entertainment is highly organised where professional players can choose to play in multiplayer video game competitions as individuals or as teams.

Search Engine Optimisation

When the job calls for developing and enhancing one’s know-how on digital marketing analytics, then for sure, a fast internet is necessary. The job of an SEO Specialist includes testing, analysing and changing a website in order to become optimised for search engines. Once a website has been successfully optimised, it will rank higher on Google, Bing and many other major search engines.

High Definition Video Streaming

When your work involves the best quality live streaming, you would need a minimum of 100 Mbps, according to experts. This high speed lets you stream and experience not only high definition videos but at the same time incredibly clear graphics on all your gaming machines.

There are still numerous works out there that require high speed connection such as those needing to download large files, buying and selling online, or else, video conferencing with work colleagues and a lot more.

But, do you really need a higher Mbps for your usual internet activities like checking emails and your social media accounts? Or perhaps, streaming your favourite Netflix films once in a while? Maybe not. To get more value for your money, search for more suitable home wifi deals that cater to your needs.