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Loan Options that Every Business Owner Must Know

When you are seeking loans for business, you must avail the best loan option for different types of loans that are available. Besides knowing about the kind of loans, you must also have knowledge about the types of lenders so that you are sure of getting the loan within the shortest time. It is important to evaluate your situation and need before deciding on the type of loans that would be most befitting. In this article, you will come to know about the different kinds of loans that you can avail for business including personal loans that you find at

Installment loans

This is the most traditional form of business financing that is available from banks, financial institution and alternative lenders.  These loans are for all types of business needs, and you must pay back the principal with interest every month in installments.  Interest on the loan is calculated from the day the loan is paid to you until the time you complete the repayment.

Line of credit

This type of loan arrangement is available from your bankers who allow you to avail loans in short term as and when required. The bank approves the facility of availing the loan as per agreed limit without any time restriction.  It is kind of long-term arrangement for revolving credit that you can avail in varying amounts as for and when needed.  This type of loan is ideally suited for meeting the operational expenses of the business and for buying inventory. However, it is not suitable for financing equipment purchase.

Balloon loans

This loan is similar to installment loans with the only difference that you pay the interesting part of the loan every month during the tenure of loan and pays the principal on the last installment. If you wait some committed payment from your debtors that you are sure to receive later, then you can avail this type of loan, as monthly payments are less.

Unsecured loans

If you have good credit score and lenders are convinced about the reliability of your business and repayment of the loan then you stand a good chance of getting loans based on your credentials only without having to pledge any collateral security.  This is a typical unsecured loan and comes with a slightly higher interest rate as compared to secured loans. You must have real businesses track record for availing this type of loan, and new ventures are not suitable for it.

Secured loans

When lenders feel that borrowers are not entirely risk-free as far as repayment of the loan is concerned they ask for collateral security in the form of movable or immovable assets that you must pledge against the loan. This type of loan known as secured loan and since the risk is covered; the interest rate is lower than an unsecured loan.

Personal loans

For quick loans to meet urgent needs, you can avail personal loan and use it for business. The alternative lenders are the best sources for personal loans that arrange for speedy disposal of the loan but at higher interest.

About the Author – David Allen is a banker turned freelance writer who loves to write on financial topics. He was on the advisory board of some alternative lenders including  He also advises people on personal finance.