Key Features of a Car GPS

If you want to purchase a car GPS, there are a number of features that you could look for. No two GPS options are exactly the same, so you should consider your personal needs first. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features to consider.

Key Features of a Good Car GPS

  1. The screen size and resolution. Obviously, the larger the screen is, the easier it is to see it when glancing. This means it is safer to use in vehicles. Higher resolutions are also easier to see. However, typically, the bigger the screen size and the greater the resolution, the higher the price will be as well. Do make sure that you put your comfort and safety before a price so, if you’re not sure about sizes, go see some in person before buying one online.
  2. The type of receiver, which will determine much of the unit’s quality. It must be sensitive enough to receive the satellite signals so that its positioning system is fully functional as well. Again, the more receptive the receiver is, the more it will cost. That said, there are budget models available with excellent receivers as well. Make sure, therefore, that you review the sensitivity of your model.
  3. Whether it provides audible directions, which is vital in terms of safety as it means you do not have to look at the screen all the time. Do make sure that the directions are easy to hear and understand. More expensive models even know street names, which makes it even easier to find out where you are if you are in an unknown area.
  4. Whether it includes automatic routing. This means that, if you take a wrong turn or prefer a different route, the system will automatically recalculate a new route.

Other Features

There are numerous other features to consider as well. The above four are of importance, whereas the following are more down to personal preference. They include:

  1. Traffic, with some units being able to show traffic data.
  2. Lane assist, meaning that you can change lanes well in advance.
  3. Voice input, which is useful if you need to make changes while driving, using voice commands instead of having to pull over to change your route.
  4. 3D map view, allowing you to orientate yourself better.
  5. Points of interest, helping you find things such as service stations, hotels, parks, landmarks, and more.

Non-Core Features

Last but not least, there are some features that are actually luxury additions. However, you may find them on more expensive devices, including:

  1. An integrated MP3 player, allowing you to play music as well.
  2. A digital picture viewer that can read a memory card.
  3. Handsfree calling, so that you can take calls while driving as well.

Clearly, there are some significant differences between the various car GPS systems that are out there. That said, so long as you focus on the first four above all else, you will have an excellent device at your disposal.

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