Fender Bender? Tips to Find Accident Attorneys

A minor automobile accident can happen anywhere at any time. Some of these collisions might not be worth the time and effort necessary to file a personal injury claim, but there are situations where an attorney could help you get the compensation you deserve. Finding an accident attorney isn’t always easy, but following these tips can help you find the right attorney.


1. Ask Your Friends and Relatives.

If you know of anyone who was in a minor accident and was not properly taken care of, turn to them for help. No matter how small the accident is, if you know someone in this situation, they will likely be willing to share their story with you. This could be a great place to start if your first efforts fail to yield any results. Accident attorneys will have a hard time getting results if they can’t find a client, so your friends and relatives could be a good place to start.


2. Online Reviews

You can also find accident lawyer reviews online. These reviews provide a wide range of information, including ratings and feedback from both past clients and potential clients. If there has been negative feedback, you can use this to your advantage by contacting previous clients who have made negative comments. Here you can get a complete picture of the accident lawyer you are looking for and see if they have the experience your case deserves.


3. The Yellow Pages

Contact the local phone book and look for a law firm within your area. This can be a great way to connect with an accident attorney, but only if he or she does not have a rating of less than 4 stars or if there is no information about their services on the internet. You should always avoid working with an accident lawyer who has had negative reviews, as this could affect your case. You don’t want to learn about past mistakes when filing a personal injury claim and need an attorney.


4. The Internet

Check to see if any accident attorneys are listed on sites such as LinkedIn and Yelp. The pages listing personal injury attorney information and reviews will give you a great idea of their services and how they can help your case. You can find quite a bit of information, including their experience and knowledge if you read the reviews before hiring them to represent you in a personal injury case.



Finding an experienced and qualified accident attorney is simple, but you must know what to look for. Many accident attorneys are less than qualified and will charge too much money for poor results. Follow these tips to find the best accident lawyer for your case.