A List Of Different Types Of Garbage Trucks

A List Of Different Types Of Garbage Trucks

Garbage trucks come in different types and sizes. Different types of garbage trucks are designed to be ideal for collection of specific kinds of refuse. According to the waste loading mechanism of garbage trucks, they can be classified into the following types-

  • Front loaders- Front loader trucks have attached power-forks in the front. These forks are designed specially to fit into the sleeves on garbage carts and pick them up easily. Once the forks lift the cart over the truck, it is turned upside down, tossing the waste into the truck.

The power forks of front loader garbage trucks are operated via levers or joystick within the cab. Thus, the driver can operate the forks himself, eliminating the need of a helper. Front loaders are used to collect commercial waste.

  • Rear loaders- Trash enters the rear loader truck from the back end of the container. Traditional rear loaders require one, maybe two people to pick up garbage cans and empty them into the container. However, the newer models come with “bin-tippers” that automate the job of picking up trash cans.

Rear loaders are usually used by haulers that collect municipal waste. They can be used for collecting commercial waste as well.

  • Side loaders- Side loader is another type of garbage truck employed in collecting residential refuse. Manual side loaders require helpers to empty garbage cans into the truck. The new, automatic ones have lever-controlled arms serving as bin-tippers, that allow the driver to do the job from within the cab.
  • Grapple trucks- Grapple trucks are not like the conventional trucks used for collecting everyday garbage. This truck has a large grapple arm that is used to pick up objects which cannot be lifted manually. Grapple trucks are used to pick up and dispose large, bulky objects like logs, trees, heavy furniture, etc.
  • Pneumatic waste collection trucks Pneumatic trucks are specially designed to collect the waste stored in underground storage tanks. These tanks are built under streets, and their outlets are covered with manhole covers. The pneumatic truck has a large tube with a mouthpiece attached to it. This mouthpiece fits into the tank’s outlet and the waste is sucked up through the tube, into the truck’s container. It is then transported to the dumping site.

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