Hero Bikes: Best Variants On-road Price

Hero Bikes: Best Variants On-road Price

Among the leading bike manufacturing company in the world, the Hero MotoCorp based in India has more than six thousand dealerships to reach out to the bike-enthusiasts in both rural and urban backgrounds. From the Splendor of 100 ccs to Karizma of 223 ccs and the stylish scooters like Pleasure, Maestro Edge, and Duet, Hero offers something special to everyone. The ioN, Leap, and Duet are the green technology bikes launched quite recently. Judging by popularity, the Super Splendor, Splendor Plus, and HF Deluxe score high while HF Dawn is the most cost-effective model.

Check AutoPortal For the Cheapest Hero Bikes

According to AutoPortal, as mentioned above, the cheapest Hero Bike on the Hero bike model and price list is the HF Deluxe i3S that runs with an engine displacement of 97.2 ccs and mileage of 81 Kmpl. The 4-speed gearbox offers efficient power transfer and makes the bike a suitable choice for the daily commute in the city areas. While i3S version comes at INR 46,781, the price of Splendor starts from INR 47,870. With an engine displacement of 97.2 ccs to 124.7 ccs, the bike runs at a mileage of 75 to 96.9 Kmpl.

Not only men’s bikes, the Hero Pleasure Scooty too stands in the race with its cheap price starting at INR 46,104. Apart from the stylish look, the 102 cc engine offering a mileage of 50 Kmpl has its own charm among the bikes. The Duet Scooty is another reliable model with 110.9 ccs air-cooled engine having a mileage of 63.8 Kmpl. Its price range starts at INR 47,945 for the LX model.

The Variants To Look Out For

Currently dealing with around sixteen models and their variants, the Hero MotoCorp’s one of the most celebrated models is the Splendor. The price of Splendor ranges from INR 47,870 to 55,840 for the variants like Splendor Pro, Splendor Pro Self Alloy and Kick Alloy, Splendor iSmart 110, Splendor Plus Kick Spoke, Super Splendor and Splendor i3S.

As for female bikes, the Hero Maestro Edge price of INR 50,330 to 50,502 has made it popular among female riders for its comfortable seats and affordable price. Its variants VX and LX, both have 110.9 cc engine displacement, although VX has more mileage (60 Kmpl) than LX (51 Kmpl).

Other models and their variants are –

  • Hero Glamour (INR 56,172 to 78,896) –Drum Brakes, Disc Brakes, Programmed Fl, Glamour 125, 125 Disc Brake
  • Hero Karizma ZMR (INR 1.07 Lakh)
  • Hero Passion (INR 50,800 TO 55,405) –Passion Pro Drm, Passion Pro Disc, Passion X Pro, Passion Pro i3S
  • Hero Achiever (INR 55,480 to 64,901) -150 Standard, 150 Disc, 150 Drum
  • Hero Extreme Sports (INR 76,226 to 79,269) –Standard, Twin Disc

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