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Installing Water Features in Your Yard

Everyone loves the sound of running water. The trickling of a stream or the sound of a waterfall helps us connect with nature, unwind and relax. Installing a water feature in your backyard, like pond or waterfall, will create an outdoor oasis and increase your home’s resale value too.

Why hire a professional landscaping company to install a water feature?

The best landscapers offer installation of landscaping water features. They have experience installing all the mechanical aspects of your water featuring including pumps, filters and running waterlines under the ground. If these systems are not installed correctly you could end up with a big mess and expensive repair or reinstallation bills.

While you can get DIY pond or waterfall packages at a hardware or landscape supply store, a professional will be able to shape and design your feature for the most attractive appearance and make sure it flows well with the rest of your landscape design. If you plan on putting fish or plants in the pond, they can also give you the best advice on filters and how to care for the fish year-round. A landscape contractor will be able to customize the installation, so it fits seamlessly with the contours of your yard, which will look and feel much nicer than a pre-fab package.

Maintaining your water feature.

If you invest in a custom-made, professionally installed water feature, you will end up spending less time and money on maintenance in the years that follow. Your pond maintenance will depend a little on the climate. If your pond doesn’t freeze up in the winter, you can have a high-quality filtering system that constantly runs to minimize algae growth and keep the water cleaner for your fish. If the water does freeze, a landscape contractor will show you how to drill holes in the water to help provide oxygen to the water. Learn how to maintain outdoor fountains.

Filters will have to be cleaned out regularly. Your landscaper will give you cleaning and maintenance instructions when they are finished with the project. They might also offer on-going maintenance packages to give you peace of mind and keep your water feature operating smoothly.

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