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How To Incorporate Dopamine Decor To Benefit Your Mental Health

The interior design and decor of a room can trigger intense feelings from all ends of the spectrum. There is a reason why waiting rooms and funeral parlours can sometimes be referred to as ‘liminal spaces’ – they are so empty and bland that they often trigger forlorn feelings, a sense of eeriness, and they are often described as ‘surreal.’ Liminal spaces have become an internet phenomenon, with many people discussing how their sparsity has made them feel. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, filling a room with bright and interesting things can make a person feel happier in that space. Many interior designers and decor influencers have discussed how your space can impact your mood, mental health, and positive emotions. 


This is linked to a trend that people are calling ‘dopamine dressing.’ Named after the so-called ‘happiness chemical,’ dopamine dressing refers to wearing and using bright and coloured-themed clothing and decor to boost your mood. The concept is basically that if you wear interesting things you love, it will boost your mood every day. It started off to be mainly focused on fashion, however, many decor commentators have soon seen how this theory can be used within your home. 


Incorporating ‘dopamine decor’ and home interior design that is designed to improve your mood and mental health could be one of the best things you do for yourself. It has been proven that the spaces we inhabit every single day have a massive impact on our day-to-day mood. Here is everything you need to know about incorporating dopamine decor into your home in a way that will benefit your mental health. 

Choose Colours Well 

The colours we choose for our home have a huge psychological effect on our day-to-day mood. Being intentional about the colour schemes you choose is one of the best ways to cultivate your ideal mood, and you can optimise this for each room. For example, in the bedroom, you may want to create a calm atmosphere so you can relax. Using a colour scheme where the colours are similar to each other can create a calming effect. However, using colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel can have an energising effect, which could be ideal for an office. Choosing the colour of your decor carefully can be a great way to improve your mood and mental health. 

Add Natural Influences

Including naturally influenced decor in your home interiors is one of the best ways you can improve your mental health. There is a huge connection between spending time in nature and better mental health. Just like natural skin care products are great for your wellness and mental health, natural decor can help to clear the mind. People tend to be more creative and lively when they are surrounded by natural decor such as flowers, potted plants and succulents. The scents that are produced by natural decor can also have a positive effect on your mental health, as they add sensory stimuli to your home. If you can’t keep plants alive, studies have shown that artificial plants work just as well, as just having images of greenery can make a space more calm. 

Leave Enough Space For Yourself 

It’s important that you don’t overcrowd your living spaces and you leave enough space to move around your home and get some exercise. Having a home with a lot of different trinkets and ornaments can make your home feel overwhelming, which can contribute to anxiety and stress. Leaving space so you can easily move around is one of the best ways to improve your mental health, as getting movement throughout the day can massively contribute to improved mental health. 

Amplify Natural Light 

Getting enough natural light is extremely important when it comes to your mental health. Seasonal affective disorder (sometimes known as SAD) affects a large number of people, especially if you live in a place that doesn’t get enough sunshine. Many people go through severe depressive episodes during periods of reduced natural daylight. Optimising how much natural light your home gets by organising your furniture around windows, using colours that reflect light, and using net or voile curtains could mean that your home gets more natural light, which could transform your mental health. 

Play With Textures

Humans are sensory, tactile creatures and the power of touch is important when it comes to improving mental health. There are many ways you can play with textures in your interior design to make yourself feel more comfortable when you’re at home. Studies have shown that soft fabrics and textiles, so using throws, pillows and curtains in a space can make it seem more calming and comfortable. Soft textures also insulate the room from both cool temperatures and sound, creating a perfect sanctuary for you to relax in.

Buy What Makes You Happy 

While following influencers for inspiration can be a great idea, don’t buy exactly what is seen in the images of ‘dopamine decor’ articles. If it doesn’t actually make you happy, it can’t be ‘dopamine decor.’ Before you buy something new to decorate your home, really think about whether or not it will make you happy. If you decorate your rooms with what other people consider to be dopamine decor, it won’t actually inspire happiness within you! The key part of using dopamine dressing effectively is to find your own personal style, and truly find the things that improve your mood and make you feel happy. 

Start With One Room 

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of overhauling your entire home’s interior decor, you don’t need to do it all at once. To see how you feel about dopamine decor and try out the things you like, why not start with just one room? You can spend a bit of time in the room and work out whether you like the new changes, or if you will change your decor style. You don’t need to change your whole home to feel the mental health benefits of dopamine dressing – start with just one room, and then work your way out!

Add Small Touches 

Furthermore, if you really don’t have the time to change your home interiors, you can start dopamine-dressing your home with just a few small touches. You don’t need to repaint everything and spend a lot of money to feel the benefits of dopamine decor. For example, by just adding a few strategically placed dopamine ornaments or investing in some brightly coloured luxury bathroom towels, you can make your home look more interesting and inviting. By just adding a few small touches and changes here and there, you can feel the benefits of dopamine decor without spending too much time and money.

Your home should be your sanctuary – make sure that it is beneficial to your mental health, and is a space where you can enjoy yourself. Dopamine dressing is about choosing decor and design that improves your mood and mental health. Try it today and see how your home becomes your safe space!