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Why Designers Are Using More Aluminium Than Ever

As society endeavours to become greener in a bid to protect the environment, manufacturing industries are playing their part by cutting their carbon footprint and using more aluminium in their products. With a built-in natural resistance to corrosion and a combination of strength gained from the extrusion process, aluminium is being incorporated into many more designs as a replacement for steel.

Reducing Energy Levels

Many industries are using aluminium as a way of reducing the energy levels of their products. For instance, the automotive industry has replaced many car panels and components that used to be manufactured in steel and the significant reduction in weight has reduced fuel consumption, a benefit that appeals to consumers. Due to the strengthening properties of extruded aluminium, designers are now able to incorporate it into high powered engines. Once again reducing the weight results in lower fuel intake. The aviation industry has always relied on the light flexible properties of aluminium since the earliest Twentieth Century when it was used for the frames of aircraft, while modern aeroplanes now contain up to 80% aluminium.

Thermal Conductor Properties

Aluminium has always had ideal thermal conducting properties which makes it the perfect choice for designers who are striving to create products with greater energy efficiency. Lighting in streets and homes is gradually being replaced by sophisticated LED light fittings that emit superior brightness while dispersing heat more effectively resulting in a greater energy efficiency. The computer and electronics industries use extruded aluminium for computer and laptop casings because aluminium is such an effective thermal conductor, distributing excess heat efficiently.

Cost Effective Aluminium

Although nearly two centuries ago aluminium was regarded as a mysterious metal that commanded a higher price than gold, it is now one of the most inexpensive materials available. Companies trying to reduce their costs, are discovering that designing products with aluminium results in high quality, cost-effective goods. The growth in popularity of solar panels has increased the use of aluminium. Roof mounted panels are being fabricated in aluminium due to its light weight, corrosion resistant properties and with strength added from extrusion, they can withstand the extremes of wind and rain. Without aluminium, progress in solar and wind powered industries would be much less advanced. The flexibility of aluminium extrusions in creating complex components has an appeal for designers striving to reduce energy levels. Edmo can help you get your design into production.

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