Great Space Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom
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Great Space Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

Having a nice and cozy bedroom is something we all dream about. There’s something magical in all those fluffy pillows, soft blankets and dimmed lights that won’t let us leave the room. Yet, filling up the room with all your favorite things does sound excellent… right up to the point when you have to get up and actually leave the room.

At that point, you need your room to be neat & organized. Organization requires careful planning and making the most out of a small space.

But don’t let this scare you. With a little bit of planning, you can become a real decorating expert.

Here are a couple of ideas you can turn to in order to save space and do it with style.

About the bed

Furniture takes up the biggest amount of space in your bedroom. So the perfect solution will be to somehow combine two pieces of furniture together and create some extra space. You can do that by opting for a bed that serves like a loft with a desk or a table underneath it. You can also go for a bed that has storage for all your sheets, clothes and other things. If you plan on having a regular sleepover with your guests, there are plenty of solutions for beds equipped with another sleeping compartment for visitors.

Practical shelving solutions

When it comes to small spaces, innovation is everything. You have to be creative and crafty to make everything look and function well. It’s not about having an empty space and filling it out with things. It’s about finesse, style, and practicality. The first thing you’ll realize is that every piece of furniture can have an additional purpose. If you want a bedroom filled with books but you don’t have enough space you may find a solution in a form of a library chair. This solution is simple, practical and elegant. It will fit into any type of bedroom making sure that your favorite book is always close to your reach. Also, don’t be limited to your bedroom only, this type of chair is perfect for the entire living area.

Great Space Saving Ideas For Your Bedroom

A storage in a shape of a wall

You must admit it sounds good. When desperate for space, people can become quite creative. If you live in a small apartment, chances are you don’t have separate sleeping and living area. With everything in one place, it’s sometimes difficult to avoid clutter.

This is where storage room divider comes in handy. It’s a clever way to separate living areas while at the same time having enough space for storage. It is functional and practical but also stylish. If the idea is good, realization shouldn’t be a problem and you’ll get a wall filled with all your necessities organized in a nice and clutter free manner.

Lego tables

Instead of having a bunch of small tables scattered around the room, making it difficult to move around, try stalking them on top of each other. You’ll get the space you so desperately need but at the same time your improvised storage unit will perfectly fit into any part of your living area. Not only is it convenient for the bedroom, but it can also be a great solution if you want to create extra space in a tiny apartment. There are tons of cool ideas for a project like this each one suited best for the space you choose to place it in.

Stay close to the ceiling

Often neglected when it comes to furniture placement, ceiling offers tons of remarkable possibilities. From ceiling hanging clothes hangers to shelving units or even high hanging beds, there is always enough space on the top. The idea is that people rarely use vertical space which has a huge potential for storage. Floor space is often crowded with things we use every day and need in an arm’s reach. On the other hand, there’s a vast unexploited area just hanging above our heads.

Yet, if you feel uncomfortable having bunch of stuff constantly hanging above you, there’s a safer solution to store your precious cargo. Opt for easy to use self storage service which will safely keep your items in storage modules. All you have to do is decide whether you’re going to keep it on your property or in their own storage facility.

Retractable bed

You’ve probably only seen it in old movies but actually, this piece of furniture is quite contemporary and perfect for small living areas. Since beds usually cover the majority of the room, hanging it up on the wall makes all the sense in the world. Not to mention not being forced to remove the sheets every time the guests arrive.

Transforming a small space into a highly functional and stylish living area is a true art form. Many have tried but lots of them failed. Most of the time your place ends up looking like a war zone, with your things scattered around in an angry state of not being able to find what you need. Planning and organizing are couple of things which will make your life much easier. With so many creative solutions existing online turning your cluttered mess into a functioning home shouldn’t be that difficult. It all comes down to how much you wanna try.

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