How To Buy A TV In Early 2018

How To Buy A TV In Early 2018

Sitting with a handful of popcorns and enjoying your favorite program? Well, you might be missing the core of these situations-“The TV”. Yet another new year arrives and the desire of buying the very best TV set is on the verge of expansion. No matter how many new years will come and go, the thirst of buying the latest model TV will be till eternity for everyone.

Talking about the essential component of buying a TV will surely bring Pricing straight into the limelight. Regardless of where you stay, the price of every other electronic device keeps on fluctuating each passing day. Sometimes, it may be on a high note while on some, can save some hefty money of yours. Majority of the TV manufacturers use some great alien sounding technologies, amazing picture quality and some magnificent stuff which adds on to the price of newer TV sets.

This guide is a lot more than finding a great TV as it is an oasis for the people who are looking to get the very best deal from a bunch of mere TV’s which boast of some extraordinary features. So, let’s get started and unfold the topic in a very much easeful and perfectionist manner.

Which are the TV’s I can buy at the very Moment? February 2018

If you are the one who doesn’t want to deal with many jargons and wants to get straight to the point, you have surely landed in the right place. I have few choices of some TV which can be the best buy for you in early 2018.

Fantastic Picture Quality if Money is no sort of an issue:

LG B7A series OLED TV

Amazing Picture Quality keeping the Money Budget in Mind:

Vizio M Series

Best TV for smaller Homes (40 Inch and smaller):

TCL S305 Series

Basic Mid-sized TV (Probably 43 to 55 Inches):

TCL S405 Series

Best One in Big-Screen (60 Inches and Larger):

Vizio E Series

A Piece of Advice: Buy the latest TV now or wait until the end of 2018?

Note: All the above-given models are of the year 2017 as the 2018 models have not been launched yet.

If we talk about the modern day TV’s, a number of the TV making giants launched their TV at the annual CES show. From the lot, much of the TV’s were super expensive such as the Samsung’s The Wall, LG’s rolled up OLED and much more were there on the list.

If you are buying a new TV in 2018, you will not miss on much of the features

None of the TV’s which will be releasing in 2018 will not be a lot superior to the models of 2017. The OLED TV’s of 2018 from brands such as LG and Sony looks a lot more similar to the 2017 models and there is nothing extra to boast about. However, the upgraded version of the TCL series looks great than the P series but how far it can go? Time is surely the best answer.

Hold On, if you are the one who wants to buy a great TV in the early 2018’s, you don’t have to wait any longer, read the below article to discover the secret.

Four Golden Rules for Buying a TV

1. Wait for the arrival of the holidays

Holiday Fanatics, nothing can be the best day for buying a TV other than holidays. On holidays, you can get an extra discount, lower price tag and can get fabulous vouchers with the same.

2. Ignorance of the specifications

Rather than visualizing the specifications given on the sheet, you can just simply see the picture as well as the sound quality of your favorite TV and decide whether to buy it or not.

3. Bigger is better

As per my opinions, I suggest you get a 40-inch TV for the bedroom and a 55-inch or more TV for the Living room. In the end, bigger TV’s will give you the desired happiness which medium-sized TV’s can’t.

4. HDR and 4K are a must

4K TV’s are far superior and sharp than the normal TV’s and has almost 4 times more pixels than the normal 1080p resolution TV’s. Also, a TV which has an HDR gives better contrast and a color which can stun anyone with their marvelous creativity.

If you are looking for some quality TV servicing, you can check for the LG service center in Hyderabad, which is known for their services and customer satisfaction among all.

LG as a brand is very much renowned and is providing quality service to all their consumers in terms of the TV servicing. Be it the all-new OLED TV or any other old, they have a team of professionals who can tackle & fix any issue with an absolute level of perfection. Their team comprises of the following members:

• Qualified Engineers
• Excellent Support Staff
• Technicians

Why should you check the service center before buying any TV?

TV’s do tend to fail and this can be a serious issue for almost every individual. In case you have an excellent service center for your TV, there is absolutely no need to worry as your TV servicing staff is much stronger to fix and repair any kind of an issue.

On the contrary, poor servicing staffs which do not have adequate knowledge and has no professionalism, their Brand TV’s are not worth any penny.

In the end, “It is the quality of servicing everyone strives for which makes any consumer happy and full of satisfaction”

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