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Simple Ways To Organise Your Wardrobe

This is the perfect time of year to organise your wardrobe and we are here with a few simple tips to help make the process easier, to help save you time, to save you space and also to potentially make you some money along the way! Dedicating a few hours to clearing out your wardrobe is very valuable, as it will help you to feel nice and refreshed in your home and it will make picking out an outfit everyday a much quicker and easier process. So, let’s find out some of the best simple ways that you can organise your wardrobe! 

Take Everything Out

The first tip we have for organising your wardrobe is to start by taking everything out. When you try to organise your wardrobe with everything still in it, it will be much harder to organise and it won’t give you the chance to give everything a quick clean to remove any dust. 

So, take everything out of your wardrobe and drawers and put them onto your bed. From here, create piles of clothes you are going to keep, ones you think you could sell and then ones that you want to donate. Bag up the clothes you want to donate, take photos of the ones you want to sell and upload them onto the selling platforms, then you’ll be left with the clothes you’re keeping that you can start to organise into smaller piles. 

If you have any clothes that are broken, don’t just throw them away, take them to a local seamstress who may be able to use some of the material in other items. Also, when deciding what to keep, if you barely ever wear it, you don’t feel confident in it or it doesn’t fit you properly, you should donate it or sell it. As they say, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Even if you think it’s not worth anything or no one else will want it, it’s certainly worth a try. 

Order By Occasion

Next up, you should order your wardrobe by occasion. Some people find that organising by colour or category (e.g. jeans, knitwear, t-shirts etc) works better for them which is fine, but we really like organising by occasion. For example, you could have a section of your workwear, a smart casual section, your loungewear in one section, and a specific area for your gymwear. You might also want a separate section if you have very fancy clothing that is slightly more protected, like streetwear from Gods Gift or your best suits from Gucci. 

When you organise by occasion, you will find it so much easier when you’re heading out to a particular place to find exactly what you need for that occasion, rather than having to tear through your entire wardrobe and make a mess. Again, this might not work for everyone but it is a great alternative to try out. 

Organise Seasonally 

If you’re short on storage space, another great thing you can do is to organise your wardrobe seasonally. By this, we mean that you should take any clothing that you won’t wear in the upcoming season (for example, if it’s summer, you can pull out all of your heavy knitwear, thick tracksuits and winter coats), and then put them into vacuum packed bags. You can then store this clothing either at the top of your wardrobe or in the loft and it will be much more confined than if it was all stored as it is. You will have so much more room in your wardrobe because of this, and then when the next season comes around, you can simply swap your winter clothes with your summer clothes!