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Why Choose Hurricane Impact Sliding Glass Doors

Even just a month before hurricane season, even though there have been five declared storms. Because one thing seems certain: it will become a stressful season. Being Floridians, we are quite well aware that hurricane season comes with multiple challenges.

At a certain moment throughout the season, your home or business will probably be affected by weather conditions. Your windows and doors seem to be generally much more affected. A properly movable impact door may mean the difference between your family’s safety or your home or business becoming completely demolished by powerful winds or flying debris.

Sliding Impact Doors: What Are They?

Sliding hurricane impact doors seem to be similar to double-hung impact doors, although they are flipped. Sliding doors are composed of two components: one that would be permanent and another one that slides horizontally. Those doors were excellent for homes featuring low ceilings because they could both open or close while taking up some inside area. Impact glass in such a sliding door provides any homeowner with the attractive appearance of a true slider while eliminating the risk of glass shattering. Even though you reside in such a region wherein wind and rain are prevalent, you could still preserve a streamlined, modern design. Each of our sliding doors comes with different options, which include:

  • Easy Sliding—each sliding door glides easily as well as smoothly upon parallel brass rollers, which are corrosive. That means your doors will open or close softly.
  • Utilizing specifically engineered air barriers, including energy efficient windows, the proportion of the outside air that enters a residence can be reduced dramatically.
  • Simple Cleaning-Our sliding doors’ sashes tilt inward, similarly with a double hung, making cleaning a delight. This assists in increasing the life span of your doors while somehow preserving them from appearing brand new.

How and When to Select a Hurricane-Resistant Sliding Glass Door

Not that all sliding doors in Florida have been treated equally. For instance, certain doors are still not made to withstand hurricanes. Unless you’re quality assurance standards for Florida impact doors, make absolutely sure they’re hurricane-rated by inspecting these accompanying:

Engineering Excellence

Your sliding glass doors should indeed be manufactured to withstand impact from tropical storm force winds as well as heavy debris, such as a hurricane might throw towards your house and company. Although category 5 hurricanes seem infrequent, those that do sometimes occur and can even be disastrous. Impact doors and windows that have been certified during Classification 5 cyclones should keep your home or office safe from the most powerful natural disasters. These best impact doors include those that latch onto heavier metal components for the stability and durability necessary to withstand the forces experienced during such a hurricane.

Locking Mechanism

You could research the finest lock systems that seem to be impenetrable! The basic sentinel 3-point lock system featuring levers and knobs with attractive backplates, for example, has become one of the effective alternatives offered currently. Commercial lock mechanisms having attractive draw knobs could also have been employed.

Alternatives for High-Quality Finishing

Impact doors are really not usually simply available in white. There seem to be various customization possibilities to select from that could compliment both the outside and internal design of your home. Bronze or anodized coatings, along with woodgrain embellishments with an even more rustic design aesthetic, are among successful new finishes.


Our Lift & Slide Doors were intended to provide exceptional safety and energy effectiveness, and even a range of many other benefits:

  • That whenever a panel gets shut, gaskets provide such a complete seal around this one
  • It is suitable for either barefoot tropical living or can be adapted using draining to meet your specific needs
  • Affordable steel equipment for coastal residences or enterprises
  • Security controls include internal operational hardware as well as multi-point locks
  • Turning the handle 180 degrees will extend the panels by 3/16 of an inch
  • The weight of these panels is supported by the flooring
  • This pocketing application allows for the formation of a 100% opening

Which Makes Our High Impact Glass Doors Suitable for Your Homes and Offices?

You shouldn’t have to choose either security or appearance when using our high-impact entrance doors. Experience that individualized feeling of several glass and finish options without compromising security. Our high-impact entrances appear in a range of various combinations that are either adaptable yet strong, providing you with the perfect combination.

With temperature, dampness, or even adverse weather, this heavily loaded multi-chamber design ensures improved results.


Hurricane sliding glass doors and hurricane impact windows are designed to withstand the most powerful impacts and wind forces that storms can bring. As a result, they’re more than capable of providing good defense against invaders.

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