Some Careers in Sleep You May Consider Pursuing

It is quite clear that entrepreneurs are used to making lots of sacrifices to achieve success in their business. They could be de-prioritizing personal relationships with family members and close friends, foregoing long-term aspirations or objectives and skipping both sleep and meals for building robust and powerful businesses. As per, as a result, sleep deprivation certainly seems to be rampant among entrepreneurs and it is often sabotaging their opportunities to become successful. Who could help all these sleep-deprived people? The sleep scientists, sleep health professionals, sleep doctors, and even the product manufacturers are all associated with the sleep industry that is doing booming business today. We understand that more than 50,000 people are presently engaged or employed in the $7 billion industry. The industry has witnessed 3% growth in the last five years and is still gathering traction.

The sleep medicine field is rapidly growing and there is increasing need for sleep medicine professionals because more and more people are becoming conscious of sleep disorders and associated health issues. There have been path-breaking developments in the field of sleep technology and today careers and professions in sleep medicine is surely the right career choice. Let us explore some careers in sleep management and medicine.

Sleep Scientists

You could pursue the career of sleep scientists who are responsible for certain path-breaking developments in the field of sleep research. They would be employed in labs, hospitals or even universities. Their job entails studying humans and animals for learning more about why and how we sleep, ways to get better sleep, and ways sleep impacts our overall wellbeing and health. The sleep scientists are often responsible in discovering new treatments and therapies for sleep disorders. If you wish to pursue a career as a sleep scientist you may complete a graduation degree in any of the scientific fields such as biology, biochemistry, epidemiology, endocrinology, neuroscience, genetics, physiology, pharmacology, and psychology, etc. You may continue your education and earn a doctorate and consider undergoing a postdoctoral fellowship.

Sleep Technician

The chief responsibility of a sleep technician is to perform extensive sleep analysis and tests under the expert guidance of a sleep technologist or medical director. As a qualified sleep technician, you are expected to work with cutting-edge sleep study equipment that would be gathering data or information while patients are sleeping. It is the job of a sleep technician to provide care and follow-up instructions to patients. As a sleep professional you should be good at supervising or guiding a sleep trainee.

Sleep Center Manager

Sleep Center Managers are certified as basically sleep technologists and they are responsible for managing operations at centers for sleep disorders. They are supposed to work under the guidance and close supervision of the medical director for making sure that patients go through perfect evaluation and treatment and that standard protocols are being maintained and followed. They would be working all day managing and hiring staff, developing procedures and policies for the center, and overseeing operations and billing. They would be providing evaluations and career development for staff and make sure that the staff and the facility maintain accreditation.


All sleep professionals would require continuing their education for specifically sleep center accreditation and licensing. Remember that your certification in the field of sleep technology would be lasting for five years and you would need to update your accreditations and licenses.

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