Instagram Marketing Strategies

Effective Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grow Social Following

If you want to market your product and promote your business, then like most of the business owners, you will need to use social media platforms. In this modern world, social media plays a significant role, and most of the people are found hanging in one or a couple of such sites. Therefore, what better way of marketing could there be but to tap them and drive them towards your website.

  • Out of all the social media channels, most of the business owners prefer Instagram due to the fact that it has the most significant number of followers after Facebook.
  • They also prefer it due to the fact that it is a photo-sharing mobile app, it allows them to present their brand and product in the best possible way.

If you are new to Instagram, strangely enough, then you must know a few things before you join the bandwagon and grow your account, Instagram followers, and web traffic.

Instagram Marketing Strategies 1

If you follow the advice of the experts, you will find that growing your account from 0 followers to multiples of thousands in months is not a difficult task, as you may have thought earlier. All you need is:

  • A proper plan for sharing your pictures
  • Follow some specific techniques to drive growth.

Such strategies are followed across several industries, and they have gained a lot to get more followers on Instagram from all around the globe. These are just the basic strategies that you should follow. If you want to improve the results even further, then you will need to follow a few advanced Instagram marketing strategies.

A few advanced strategies

Experts marketers like Stormlikes typically follow these advanced strategies for Instagram marketing to tap the active monthly users of Instagram, which accounts for more than one billion at present.

It is the growth of Instagram from 600 million in 2018 to over a billion in 2019 is an indication of the popularity as well as the potential of this photo and video sharing channel. This channel, in fact, will create substantial marketing opportunities for different brands that use it as their marketing channel.

Instagram is for all, and over the years, most of the professionals from different fields have tried and tested this platform for their brand and product promotion and marketing with success. A few of these professionals include:

  • Marketers
  • Business owners
  • Photographers
  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Artists
  • Fashion designers, and much more.

Their experimentation with marketing on Instagram, as well as their opinions and insights on the use of the platform, has encouraged several others to follow suit.

Strategies to follow

In order to use Instagram to drive your social follower to your site, these proven steps will help you a lot. These are:

  • Optimize your Instagram account by creating the most compelling bio and an easy to recognize and remember profile picture. You will also need to have a well-connected website that will enable the users to visit the homepage of the site when they click on the link. Your profile bios are the first thing that you need to set up because that is the first thing that the people will look at when they visit your account. If it is good and compelling enough, it will encourage them to follow you. Make sure that the bio is descriptive yet brief, persuasive, and attractive with the inclusion of emojis.
  • You will also be better off if you follow the relevant accounts for your industry. Consider the types of brands and media companies and even the people in your industry who are using Instagram already. Follow their accounts, interact with their posts so that they may follow you back.
  • Find and use the popular hashtags in your niche industry. These hashtags are the best element to find new photos as well as new users to follow. There are, in fact, thousands of hashtags shared on Instagram each day, but if you look only for those that are relevant to your industry, finding these will not be difficult.

In addition to that, there are a few specific things that you should focus on, which will be equally good for you to gain more social followers. These are:

  • Getting shout outs from others
  • Sharing your posts regularly on Instagram
  • Using hashtags in the comments
  • Running Instagram contests
  • Ask your followers to like your post or content
  • Building relationships with other influential accounts and
  • Commenting on the photos from other users’ accounts.

In addition to the above, you will gain followers even faster if you use Instagram Stories on a regular basis. Your users will like you and your posts even more if you use both pictures and videos at the same time and run Instagram Ads.

All these will ensure that your account will be noticed, and your brand will get more recognition in the marketing world. Therefore, if you have not started leveraging Instagram yet, it is high time that you do so.

 Marketing tips to follow

There are a few specific tips and strategies that will help you to grow your brand on Instagram.

First, you will need to use and take advantage of the free Instagram tools. These tools will help you to create the best business profiles. These profiles are much similar to Facebook’s business profiles that are complete in all respect with a proper call-to-action that will allow the users to email, text, or call.

In addition to the contact option, you will need to access the analytics or Instagram Insights. This will help you to gain the required impression and engagement data.

Also, make sure that you cross-promote your Instagram posts across different social media channels to make the best use of the social followers and add a lot of more followers from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

Last but not least, do not annoy or overwhelm your target audience by posting too often. Instead, you should follow a specific schedule to post so that your brand stays relevant.

Though there is no magic formula to be successful on Instagram, these steps will surely help you a lot.