What Are The Topmost Things To Do In Kerala?

Kerala is the pride of India. It is a popular and notable tourist place in the country. This place is filled with nature as well as beauty. It will be filled with all such as a river, falls, lakes, beaches and many more. So it is a complete place to visit by means of Kerala tour packages to have relaxed and soothing holidays.

If you come to the activities you can do in this place there are so many such as riding on the houseboat, tasting different foods, looking at the falls, Kathakali dance, exploring the culture and many more.

Backwater on a houseboat:

The finest and exciting activity you can do in Kerala is a backwater. In fact, your Kerala trip will get a fulfillment without doing this particular activity. When you are in this ride you will evident so many villages palm-fringed landscape and so many things. The ride you do on this place will never fade out from your memories.

This ride will be surrounded by so many places such as inland lagoons, lakes, and waterways.

Watch Kathakali dance:

Kerala is where Kathakali born. You want to watch this amazing dance even at once. Really you will get mesmerized and will start to watch continuously. That is why you want to watch this out. The way they give the expression, coordination and then the costumes are really superb. You will come to know that the dance connected with exercises for the eyes.

Explore sandalwood forest:

This forest is located in a distance of 40 km in the district of Marayur. In this place, you will see the naturally grown sandalwood. That is why this place is called as sandalwood forest. Also, you will so many numbers of things in this place such as rock painting and historical things as well. Even you will see some caves and children park here.

Elephant ride:

For sure you will see a lot more numbers of elephant in this place so you can go for this ride. In fact, it is the most exciting ride. Most of the time this ride will be conducted on the place called Bharathapuzha River and then the surrounded forests. If you visit Kerala then you want to go for this ride to know what excitement is.

In this, all the elephants will be standing in the line and from that you want to choose one.

Tasting mouthwatering food:

Really cuisines of Kerala will give you unbeatable taste. You will never ever forget as well. you will find an end to end food here. What do you such as seafood, spicy, flavor, sweet and anything? It is easily available and you can choose whatever you want and enjoy. From one region to another region the food taste and varieties will change.

You ought to taste everything a bit to know the enormous types and taste present in the food. Especially dishes made with coconuts are come under never should miss list. So taste all.