4 Fabulous Northeast Fall Break Family Road Trips

After a long hot summer, those first signs of autumn refresh the mind and body and cause a nostalgic desire to wander where there is a riot of fall foliage.

Autumn is the time of year when families love to take long, languishing road trips and venture off to where leaves of every color fall gently with the slightest breeze.

Four Fabulous Fall Break Family Road Trips

Before the hectic holidays begin, there are four fabulous fall break family road trips that satisfy autumn wanderlust.

Depending on the amount of time a fall break allows, even a weekend can turn into a mini foray into autumn.

Schedule a fall break when there is a holiday on a Friday or Monday to make it a four day road trip. The idea is to get away to get new perspective and brace for the bleak days of winter ahead.

Road trips should be carefully planned with the family so each mile traveled has something to offer to feed your restless autumn soul.

New Jersey

One of these fabulous fall break family road tips is found in the western part of New Jersey in Hunterdon and Sussex County. Families can capture fall foliage around the first or second week of October.

This area is buzzing with things to do in N.J. such as visiting roadside stands for fresh pumpkins, a home baked apple pie and apple cider. Along the way, there are privately owned art museums and galleries. Stop by Chester, N.J. for a trip back in time to see handmade crafts and artifacts.


For the second family road trip, cross into Pennsylvania via the Pennsylvania Turnpike and visit New Hope, land of antique and craft shops. This is a great idea for home schooling families as there are plenty of historical places like the Liberty Bell to fun attractions like the chocolate themed Hersheypark.

Delaware Water Gap with its dense forests, rushing streams and picturesque hiking trails gives the family a chance to get some fresh air after a long morning traveling.

West Virginia

The third family road trip takes your family south to West Virginia. Here too your family can take in the Appalachian Trail with its bountiful forests that ring out the news of autumn’s arrival in the most vivid fall foliage. This is a great option for a family that is active and likes bringing their dog along to vacations.

The Blackwater Falls State Park is not to be missed. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the season. Swimming holes are hard to find, but the views of the waterfalls are breathtaking and would provide many backdrops for incredible family pictures.


The fourth family road trip takes your family from West Virginia southeast into Virginia. Here the family will thrill to the Shenandoah National Park, the famous Skyline Drive Highway or the lushness of the historic George Washington and Thomas Jefferson estates.

No matter which of the four fabulous fall break family road trips you and your family choose, you’ll return home feeling revitalized with a newfound enjoyment of the season.