Inspirational Life Stories of Authors You Should Know

Inspirational Life Stories of Authors You Should Know

Reading books is an amazing habit to have. Not only does the reader travel to different parts of the world in the span of time that they’re reading the book, but this exceptional habit also has the power to sharpen your skill set and intuition, as well as enhance one’s imagination. Prior to the age of technology, books were considered to be nothing less than gold – they were considered to be priceless. Whereas today, many might opt for an eBook instead.

Regardless of which variation you prefer, all books consist of a well thought out storyline which helps sharpen intellect and challenges one’s levels of creativity. However, one cannot possibly praise a book without praising the author who wrote it. It goes without saying that without the author’s personal experiences, the book that you love would never have existed.

Thus, here are 3 inspirational authors whose life stories are bound to inspire diehard book readers:

1.      Robert Walser

The late Robert Walser is titled to be one of the most underrated writers of the 20th century, owing solely to the fact that despite his work is good, his life otherwise wasn’t in the best of conditions. Robert Walser spent the last years of his life in an asylum. The German language writer is praised repeatedly by renowned authors but somehow, bookstores just don’t seem to feature the man’s work as much as they should. Nonetheless, Walser is dubbed to be ‘a sentence artist with the highest magnitude’.

2.      Caesar Rondina

Caesar Rondina is a bestselling author who writes mainly from the experiences that he has encountered in his daily life as a paramedic, retired firefighter, and an educator. Having worked in the field of health and sciences for over 35 years, Rondina has witnessed the intensity of life and death scenarios that arose as a result of medical complications or situations. Rondina’s writing is truly a reflection of his real-life experiences, which helped him earn the title of a bestselling author.

3.      Lynda Barry

Lynda Barry is known to be a writer whose work is truly spine-chillingly good yet she hasn’t received the exposure and the credit that is overdue. Although her writing style is for the adolescence rather than fictional tales of war and glory, Lynda Barry’s work is so profound that it can make your day brighter if you read anything by the legendary author. She is also one of the few writers who have the skill to make the reader feel like they understand and relate to everything that they are reading. Much of this is owing to Lynda’s early years in her life which, although pleasant, had heaps of baggage too which made her feel vulnerable at times.

Furthermore, the author is the main reason why a book is a success but often times, people tend to forget this fact. One must always remember that the author is the real deal and everyone should know what inspired their favorite writer in order to find one’s own muse.

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