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Nolah Mattresses – The Best Cooling Foam Mattress

Nolah mattresses are superior in quality for the extreme experience the mattress maker company has gathered in the industry, through the years, while competing with the biggest memory foam and traditional mattress making brands. The Nolah mattresses are made to excel in quality much higher than general memory foam mattresses. The design is focused on giving the user the best sleep with relief at pressure points, great joint and body support, and an awesome feel of cooling in the body. The friction based and body heat-based warming of the body, which generally makes sleeping on average mattresses uncomfortable after some time, is totally cut off by the cool gel technology infused Nolah made mattresses. And these facts are further assured by the Nolah mattress review.

About the maker

The company has earned a great reputation not just for making high-quality cooling mattresses, but also for being too caring for the planet by donating 7% of their profits to several NGOs, wildlife and related non-profit organizations and charitable trusts. Also, as the maker of high-quality mattresses, they are known to produce the finest mattresses that offer balanced bounce, great comfort, bod cooling effect, and temperature neutralizing effect.

Relief at pressure points

The Nolah mattresses are designed to relieve your pressure points. It’s because of the foam layers organized in such a way that the pressure points get relief and joints get supported. The air flow through the foam layers is also great thereby enabling great body cooling. Besides, the mattress is great to support a sleeper in any position. Whether you sleep at your back, front, or the sides, the mattress works great in supporting the body and relieving the pressure points.

Body cooling layers

The mattress has an excellent air flow through it that helps dissipate the body heat instead of trapping it. There is a Nolah foam layer on top, and under it, there is Avena foam layer. The combination of both works great in cooling the body by channelizing the air in all directions. A whoosh sound of air gushing out of the mattress can be felt when the mattress is pressed or squeezed too hard suddenly.

Fits on to the adjustable base

The Nolah mattress can be placed and used on an adjustable base. Hence if you have to incline or fold the mattress at places or at times, you can do this without damaging the mattress, and still, enjoy all its features.


The mattresses are however not firm, and this you must note in case you have been prescribed the use of a super firm orthopedic mattress or similar item by your medical advisor. Otherwise, in terms of cooling, body comfort, and balanced body pressure, the mattress offers excellent comfort. The overall feel of a Nolah mattress is luxurious comfort with the foam bed feel, without any body ache and heat trapping. In terms of durability too Nolah offers really good quality, and at this price range, they are really making their product lucrative for everyone.

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