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Stressed with work? Here are 20 amazing ways to relieve all your stress

Stress is one of the common things that most of the people out there are facing nowadays. While stressed your blood levels rise, oxygen pumping capacity increases and your blood vessels become a bit thin. However a lot has been talked about stress recently, let’s today talk about de-stress. As your body becomes highly active during stress situations, it responds in the opposite way to numerous de-stress measures. Below mentioned are some 20 tips that would help you de-stress and the good news is all these have been proven scientifically.

  1. Go for a Walk

A walk happens to be a good de-stressed and would help in clearing your mind. Walking across any green space relaxes your body and puts your body upon meditation. This is credited to the phenomenon which is called as the “involuntary attention” in which something grabs our attention and then simultaneously allows for reflection.

We know that now it is really cold outside, and it would be a little bit difficult to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk or cycling. So, we have come up with the solution for this. You are no more required to go outside for a walk now, just get the best spin bike, an alternative solution for cycling, at your home and do your necessary exercises regularly without waking up early and going outside.

  1. Take a Deep Breath

This is something that might be known as one of the most common stress relievers. Deep breathing or “Pranayam” as called in terms of Yoga plays a great role in calming as well as nourishing your body. Breathing exercises are necessary as they help in giving an extra boost of oxygen to the body and therefore calming down the overall nervous system of the body. Breathing exercise has also proved to be beneficial in reducing the overall oxidative stress in the body and also reducing the overall blood pressure levels.

  1. Visualize Things

A little perspective is something that would help you calm down. Make yourself comfortable on the bed or any other place in your home or office and try to imagine a peaceful scenario. You could try picturing yourself achieving all your life goals, or you could go imagining yourself meeting some of your favorite stars.

  1. Consume Some Snack

Numerous doctors, as well as researchers, believe that connection between the stomach as well as the brain is a significant one. Gut acts as a very sacksful mediator in lowering down of stress levels in the body. According to doctors, stress is something that is caused due to the action of the brain as well as the immune system, and your stomach is the largest organ in your immune system.

So take some snack which you like and consume them slowly in a peaceful place along with some soft music.

  1. Get Yourself a Plant

In-house plants actually, helps in bringing down the level of stress apart from acting as an air purifier. According to numerous researchers, these plants can actually bring about relaxation within the body. Research conducted in the country of America found that group of people had a four-point drop in the levels of their blood pressure as soon as they entered a room full of plants.

  1. Stay Away From Screens

Focusing too much upon high LED displays, results in what is called insomnia or can alternatively is responsible for stress. Try taking frequent breaks after working for continuous hours on a computer screen. Also, try to shut it down hours before you are actually planning to sleep.

  1. Close Up

According to numerous reports published in India as well as abroad, it has been found that kissing tends to relieve stress and brings about a calming effect on your body. The research found that people who kissed only during the time of sex were eight times more prone to stress than people who occasionally did share some intimate moments.

  1. Hand Yoga

Applying pressure in between your second as well as third knuckle can help you regain calmness almost instantaneously. This pressure helps in opening up the area around the heart which move nervousness away from the body.

  1. Trying Staying Away From Cell Phones

It is a well-known fact that phones do stress you out and therefore maintain as much distance from it as you can. Talking or using phone continuously can even raise your blood pressure levels.

  1. Enjoy Some Soothing Music

Classical music has been known to possess the property of soothing the nervous system and hence is responsible for lowering the overall blood pressure. It is also known to lower the stress hormones while at the same time causes a feeling of happiness.

Music is known to stress anxiety while at the same time can be helpful in treating issues such as stress. Not only composed music but humming for quite a while has been known to relieve stress to a much extent.

  1. Give Yourself A Single Treat

Eating something sweet has been known to lower the production of stress hormones in the body. This is the reason most of us stare at the box of the empty cookie while things are not going as planned. Also, do not take this as an excuse to rob your food vending machine, eat something small as well as something that has a pleasant taste.

  1. Try Watching Something

While it has been advised to stay away from the screen, used in the right way TV can actually prove to be a stress relieving option. Certain web-based meditation programs have also been known to reduce the levels of stress as well as anxiety.

  1. Try to Chew A Piece of Gum

Chewing gum has not only been known to clear your breath, but it is also known to relieve anxiety as well as stress.

  1. Consider Watching a Viral Video

Laughter is one of the best medicines as it increases the flow of oxygen to numerous parts of the body. Laughter first tends to activate the feeling of stress and then removes this feeling. This causes somewhat of a roller coaster and thereby inducing a feeling of relaxation.

  1. Go for Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Begin with your toes and then start working your way up in the process of winding up your muscles. Move upwards towards the face relaxing each muscle you encounter. This helps in reducing the overall stress and thereby is recommended for people who are suffering from depression as well as anxiety.

  1. Seriously Try to Stay Away from Phone

Phones shouldn’t be a part of your life beyond a level that they become a necessity. Phones are one of the best stress causing substances as people feel burdened to respond to text all the time.

  1. See your BFF

Friends aren’t something that you can only have fun with. They are something that you can reach out to in order to reduce the levels of stress. Talking to your friend might actually help to reduce your burden and hence calming down your body.

  1. Consume a Banana/Potato

Potassium is a vasodilator and hence causes maintenance in the levels of blood pressure which rises excessively when stress levels are raised. Bananas are known to contain high levels of potassium. This helps in protection against many side effects of stress while at the same time reduces the chances of numerous heart diseases.

  1. Try Eagle Pose

Many poses in yoga are known to be stress relievers. Relieve yourself from neck tension as well as other symptoms of stress by going for the famous eagle pose.

  1. Indulge In Crafting

Repetitive motions such as those observed in the process of knitting have been known to act as a stress reliever. Such craft tasks benefit the mind in two ways. First, they tend to bring out a repetitive motion which calms down the mind secondly they push stressful thoughts to the back of the mind.

So, the next time you feel like being stressed, try any one of the stresses relieving options mentioned above.

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