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Avoiding and Fighting Plagiarisms in Blogging: Tips from Experts

The present world remains full of cases where writing forms the core business of day to day activities. Statistics from data analytic show that more and more people have increased the number of blogs they read daily as compared to newspapers.

Modern lifestyles people are spending more than half their days either reading or listening to scripts by writers of films.

The life of students in higher learning forms a clear example of how writing takes about 90 percent of coursework. Huge workloads force students to look for rewriting services on the internet as they concentrate on other activities.

Through this example, plagiarism finds its way into the established principles of originality in student works.

Plagiarism refers to the process of passing on the words or ideas of a person as those that belong to you through writing forms. The war against plagiarism has been in existence for millennia, and it takes a bold individual to participate in the fight against plagiarism.

Eliminating the ‘piracy’ nature of plagiarism requires both the practice of avoiding and fighting the process.

How to avoid plagiarism

Using another individual’s work especially on internet blogs has far more repercussions from financial penalties and jail term when legal options remain pursued by the owners of the work. The following points serve as some of the universally accepted ways of avoiding plagiarism in any piece of writing;


The art of paraphrasing remains taught to a student from as early as they start to write essays while lower levels of studying languages. The process involves taking a piece of writing and converting it into a small text through including the key points of reference from the original version. Regardless of the number of words undergoing paraphrasing, the process when well-executed yields zero presence of plagiarism.

Applications of paraphrasing mostly apply for bloggers who need to produce content frequently and in short and clear formats for their readers to deliver the best work to ensure that you don’t write more than two words that occur in the same sentence as in the original text. Sharpened paraphrasing skills do not happen overnight. Hence you would require regular practice to be the best.

Pro Tip in Article Writing

Cite from sources

The internet has brought upon many shifts especially in the flow of information from persons anywhere on earth. Many writers publish their works on the internet each passing second, and that allows room for the possibility of plagiarism to occur.

To arise as the best article writer, you require to understand the boundaries of using work from other people before publishing.

Citing sources in your goes the long way of building a portfolio in writing and eliminates any malice associated with plagiarism. All you need to apply when citing another person’s work involves acknowledging their work when you use it in an article before publishing.

Writing formats such as APA and MLA make the citing process more comfortable and familiar to readers.

How do you fight plagiarism?

War on plagiarism has existed for many years, and the fight against it continues to intensify with the aim of completely eradicating it. There live three viable options presently used to fight plagiarism.

Educating people on the effects of piracy to authenticity in written work, setting up high penalties for plagiarism cases and offering alternatives to people such as to rewrite to avoid plagiarism.

Statistics indicate that the war on plagiarism remains a daunting task and the more writers arising the increase in cases on plagiarism. People should realize that plagiarism acts like a debt which catches up in the future after a person recognizes you stole their ideas.

Young writers should embrace the art of writing and come up with their viable written ideas and work.

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