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Tips to Follow When Choosing an Online Pharmacy

Online pharmacies are known to provide with the best, easiest, and simplest ways in which you can purchase the prescription medicines, without disclosing the information to any third person. A number of people find it extremely difficult to travel from one physical shop to another, and hence they find it extremely convenient to purchase from the online pharmacies. However, the internet is filled with both genuine as well as fake pharmacies and it is not an easy job to identify them just by looking at their website. A number of important things should be kept in mind when you are purchasing medicines from an online pharmacy.

There are a few tips that you should be aware of before you select an online pharmacy. Given below is a list of the tips that you cannot miss.

Verifying that the online pharmacy has valid licenses

All the online pharmacies should definitely have a verified license, irrespective of where it is operating. You have to locate the license number of the online pharmacy from the website. You also need to get the name of that particular regulatory agency, which has granted the particular license to the online pharmacy. It is your duty to send an email or call up the regulatory agency for confirming the authenticity of the license. It is important to know the authenticity as fake licenses can also be made easily.

Looking for the seal of the greatest verification authorities

The online pharmacies that are legitimate have membership seals from IMPAC, VIPPS, CIPA, NCPA, or MIPA, in almost every case. However, the fake or rogue pharmacies are known to display all these deals in a fraudulent manner. This is why it is extremely important to confirm the membership. This can normally be achieved with the help of the verification authorities. You only have to visit the website to find out fake verifications. You can visit to know more about online pharmacies.

Ensure that the online pharmacy requires prescriptions, the medical history of the patient, and the contact information of the doctor

A legitimate pharmacy will always require prescriptions from doctors who have assisted you medically in person. The online pharmacy that you have selected should ask for original prescriptions, which you have to send via mail. The online pharmacy should be able to verify your prescription by calling up the doctor’s chamber. Online pharmacies that do not ask for prescriptions are actually breaking laws. You cannot trust these online pharmacies.

Call up the pharmacy and speak to physicians or pharmacists

You should call up the online pharmacy and ask for a registered physician or pharmacist. A trusted online pharmacy will always have a registered pharmacist.

Ensure that the Location is mentioned

You should be able to find the location of the online pharmacy on its website itself. If the contact information or location is not displayed properly, chances are that you have visited the website of a rogue pharmacy.


If you are aware of these tips, you will be able to select the right online pharmacy for purchasing the medicines.

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