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MBA GMAT Waiver: How to Write Like a Pro

Have you found a business school that feels like the right place to get your MBA? Now, you need to think critically of all the application requirements that you need to have for consideration. For some schools, you will have to take a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

If you get low scores or would like to get an exemption, then you may have the opportunity to submit an MBA GMAT waiver, to the institution. However, you need to remember that each school has its unique set of requirements.

Applicants who have at least a certain number of career may have the chance to create a persuasive GMAT waiver letter, for consideration by the admissions board. The following tips will show you how:

Understand what it is

A waiver letter is a request to the reader to consider your application without requiring you to submit your GMAT scores. In the introduction, you should state your reasons for writing the letter.

Your reasons for this consideration should highlight your recent, academic and professional experience. It is often the last 5-10 years. Give examples that demonstrate your preparation for the program.

In that, you need to prove that you have already acquired the intellectual ability and skills required by the program.

Use the tone of a business letter

You have to show professionalism in what you write. Find out whom you need to address the letter to, and avoid starting with “To Whom it May Concern.” As you try to persuade the reader that you have the needed skills, give tangible examples of how you applied those skills.

Be specific to add credibility to your statements. Remember to acknowledge the reader and request them to consider your case. Also, remember to stick to the formatting requirements, as outlined by the program.

Demonstrate how your experience has shaped you

When the admissions committee accepts your request to waive the GMAT, it implies that they acknowledge the value of your experience to be more than a numerical score. Some may even consider your military experience.

You, therefore, need to tailor the letter to highlights these abilities that you have honed. Pick notable examples, those that reflect your quantitative and analytic skills.

Go through different sample letters and take note of the structure, tone, and even use of language.

Leadership qualities you may have mastered, are also impressive; add them, too. Having an excellent academic record to back up the waiver, will even better your chances of consideration.

Proofread before you submit

Just like any other document, it is paramount that you go through it with a fresh set of eyes. Check for spelling and grammar errors and make the necessary corrections. Ensure that the achievements you have highlighted relate to the eligibility criteria given by the institution.

Use language that’s easy to understand. Go through the given instructions by the school and ensure that your letter abides by the guidelines.


A waiver letter could be your last best shot at getting to business school. Ensure that the final copy that you submit is exemplary, if not perfect.

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