Rich and Famous: 6 Car Models for the Fans of Luxury

Premium cars are more than vehicles designed for everyday tasks. Businessmen, celebrities as well as those persons who are accustomed to emphasize their high status, buy and pick up luxury car rental to always be on top wherever they are. These cars are an expression of the success and financial well-being of the car owner, his character and taste preferences. They are chosen by the technical characteristics of the power unit, the quality of the interior, the beauty of the exterior and other important features. Premium cars correspond to the latest fashion trends in the automotive industry, equipped with the most modern security systems and other options, which are not available for most mass-produced cars. Here are some models of famous car brands that will be suitable for those who like superb comfort and luxury…

Audi A8

The new A8, developed by Volkswagen AG is sold in 3 versions – Standard, Advance and Business, with 2 additional packages of exterior trim (Chrome and Sport) and a set of options for modifying the interior. This car model is supplied with a 3-liter petrol engine featuring 340 hps of power and 500 Nm of maximum torque. The engine co-aggregates with the Quattro Tiptronic transmission. An interaction of 3.0l engine and gearbox can accelerate A8 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds.

AUDI A8 , A8 L 2018

(photo by SAUD AL-OLAYAN)

Like other premium cars, A8 allows to configure the appearance of the car on your own. There are many options for body color, types of wheel disks and optics.


  • Recognizable Audi design;
  • High-quality interior trim;
  • A rich choice of options.


BMW 7-Series

Prestigious 7-Series from BMW are great competitors of Mercedes S-Class. Bavarians offer luxury sedans with an attractive price tag, which is much lower compared with the proposal of Daimler AG.

The 7 Series comes with a rich line of engines, including a basic 249-hps version with a torque limit of 400 Nm. The other two engines available on the market are characterized by higher technical characteristics – 326 hps and 450 Nm, and 450 hps and 650 Nm.

BMW 740Li G12 - 310 D 126 - Azerbaijan Diplomat

(photo by GTRJackoPlates)

One of the major features of BMW 7-Series is Laserlight optics, which illuminates the road in high-beam mode at distance up to 600 meters. New headlamps with a laser module look stylish and greatly decorate the exterior.


  • 3 types of engines to choose from;
  • More affordable cost compared to major competitors.


Mercedes S-Class

S-Class is luxury, status and modern technologies. The 2018 car model has a moderately aggressive and charismatic exterior with an additional stylish Multibeam LED lights. The car features a rich set of electronic assistants and security systems that recognize road signs, prevent collisions and solve other road problems.


(photo by SAUD AL-OLAYAN)

The engine range includes diesel and gasoline power units. The most powerful engine is installed in the AMG S 63 version. The 8-cylinder 4-liter engine reaches the power of 612 hps and consumes 11 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. The least powerful engine is a 3-liter diesel power unit that produces 249 hps. However, it’s characterized by low fuel consumption – 5.9l/100 km.


  • Luxurious and elegant exterior;
  • A wide choice of car modifications – from economical and comfortable to sporty ones;
  • A huge number of options for interior trim.


Bentley Mulsanne

The elite Mulsanne cars are assembled almost manually. They are the epitome of luxury and dynamics and are considered to be the flagships of the British brand Bentley.

Bentley Mulsanne

(photo by Doron Levy)

The most comfortable and luxurious car is the latest modification of the Mulsanne, in which an additional 250 mm of free space is available in front of the rear seats. The Sport version is equipped with a forced version of the standard power unit. Under the hood of the sedan there’s a V8 engine with 2 turbochargers. With a working volume of 6.8 liters, the engine features 537 hps and an incredible 1100 torque units, available at 1,750 rpm.


  • High-quality assembling;
  • Powerful engine with huge torque.
  • Comfortable and cozy interior.


Porsche Panamera

Panamera is a bright, hot and luxurious car with a sporty character. It stands out from the competitors, as it primarily focuses on positive driving sensations, not on the comfort of rear-row passengers. It’s offered in several types of bodywork – fastback and station wagon.

Porsche Panamera Turbo 2017

(photo by Gustavo Carvalho)

Premium Panamera is inferior in terms of options and level of comfort to its rivals, but it wins in the field of dynamic characteristics and driving quality. For this Porsche model, you can order air suspension, Sport Chrono package and many other options that directly change the behavior of the car on the road.


  • Energetic and fervent character of the car;
  • A lot of sports options to choose;
  • Excellent handling.


Rolls-Royce Phantom

Phantom is a real palace on wheels. It tops the list of premium cars, offering the owner luxurious car furnishings, comfortable suspension, as well as a spacious interior with many amenities. At the same time, Roll-Royce has excellent driving qualities, as it’s equipped with a powerful engine that works in conjunction with an 8-speed automatic transmission.


(photo by ulvi can)

Phantom is a dream car, and none of the above-mentioned competitors can compare with the creation of Roll-Royce in the field of comfort, luxury and quality of finishing materials.


  • Luxurious interior;
  • Great convenience of the rear-seats passengers;
  • Comfortable suspension;
  • Stylish corporate Rolls-Royce design.

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