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In case you’ve been wondering why it is so hard for you to lose weight after 40, well, when did losing weight ever been easy? You’re in luck if you’ve always had the body to die for until now. You have your reasons for reading up on online reviews on phenocal and other similar weight loss supplements. Your reasons for losing weight can include anywhere from mere aesthetics to alleviating your risks for life-threatening diseases like stroke, heart disease or heart attack, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis and, as you know, the list just goes on and on as you get older.


There are no words fitting to describe the weight loss difficulties that you may be undergoing right now — and God knows how hard you’ve been trying, Woman! Why is losing weight so hard? Let’s get to the bottom of this bane, shall we? Below are the top reasons why you can’t seem to get to the next smaller size:

  • Stress and Sleeplessness. Entering the middle ages make you particularly susceptible to a combination of stressors — changing relationships, new children to care for, aging parents to look after, new home, bigger job responsibilities, the need to provide economically for your family. Stress and sleeplessness, go together as a result, and unregulated cravings also result from this combination. One of the best ways to lose weight after 40, it seems, is getting enough sleep night after night. Things can only get better as you add up a few more years, according to a study published by Time.
  • Poor Metabolism. How many calories does a 40 year old woman need? To get your facts right, you must know that the diet chart for 40 year old woman may differ depending on ethnicity or place of residence. In fact, the same chart recommended by the government’s health ministry may differ depending on the routine physical activities performed by each individual. In the US, the latest dietary guidelines recommends 1,800, 2,000 and 2,200 calories for women aged 40 to 45 depending on their daily level of physical activity, that is, sedentary, moderate, and active.
  • Hormonal Changes. Several studies have established the relationship between insulin resistance that develops as estrogen drops with age. This is one of the top reasons for your difficulty losing weight. Researchers have observed that even a slight drop in estrogen levels can promote insulin resistance which makes you put on more weight during menopause.
  • Loss of muscle mass. Sarcopenia, as it is medically-termed, has been found to decrease muscle mass by up to 40% starting at 40 (even earlier among those less physically active) up to 80 years old. To loser weight, you have to get on an exercise routine for 40 year old woman because the more muscles you can retain, the better you will be able to burn more fat from muscle contractions.


Now that you know what’s been jeopardizing your personal weight loss program, you can start by accepting the changes naturally happening to your aging body. Go further by giving the following weight loss tips for women a try:

  1. Eat less but never skip meals. Most of all, the best diet for women over 40 commands that you should never miss out on a healthy and hearty breakfast. Breakfast sets up your digestion and metabolism. If you can warm it up well with a complete breakfast, you will likely get fewer cravings and be able to stick to your meal plan for the rest of the day.
  2. Eat in the proper amount, proportion, and timing only. Knowing how to increase metabolism after 40 can become a key differentiator for how fast you can shed off excess fats if you will only be mindful of three things: the amount of food you take in, the quality of calories that you are getting, and the time of day you load up on your calories.

Follow the dietary guidelines and keep in mind that other than keeping within your calorie count, you also have to prioritize variety to improve the chances that you’re getting all the nutrients you need in a day. How many calories should a diabetic eat per day? The standards are different and you have to work out your calorie count and sources with your physician.

  1. Add prebiotics and probiotics to aid your digestion. Since you know your metabolism needs a little work, boost your metabolism, it’s not enough that you reach for good diets for women to lose weight fast. You should add prebiotics to feed the good bacteria in your gut and then add some more of those good bacteria by introducing them into your system with probiotics. Leaky gut can also be a key reason why even subscribing to the best workout for women over 40 does not seem to be working for you.
  2. Follow a workout routine that includes weight training. Fight muscle loss by making time not only by making it to your regular workouts but also by staying active — that includes laying off of the couch — all throughout the day. Make sure to include some weightlifting to build muscle and prevent muscle loss. Keep in mind that the best weight loss supplement for men over 40, including supplements for muscle building, are not always what’s best for women.
  3. Track your calorie intake and activity. You must do the painstaking task of listing down what you eat and what activities you do throughout the day. This helps you keep track of whether or not you’re meeting your target calorie count. There are useful apps that help you immediately adjust your activity and meals for the rest of the day to make sure that you keep meeting your targets.
  4. Learn to relax. One of the best ways to lose weight after 40 is to brush your troubles aside. Remember, the more you stress, the more compromised your metabolism becomes.


Losing weight after 40 isn’t going to be easy — don’t kid yourself. That’s why you need to commit and dedicate some personal resources to make your diet plan work, most especially when your health and well-being depends on it.

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