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How to Cope with Stress When Visiting a Doctor

There are various reasons people fear going to the doctor. For some, it has to do with the results and for others it’s more about the procedure of the visit itself. Perhaps you have a fear or needles or you just feel uncomfortable discussing distressing issues. Let’s say you are struggling with depression. It is a personal issue that you are not sure how to describe. There is also a lot of fear of not being validated and being made feel like you are making it up.

You need to understand that doctors have heard it all and that it’s better to be aware of a medical issue than not knowing. Let’s say you are scared to go to the dentist. If you had a look at the dental school recommendation letter your dentist wrote, you might eliminate your fear. This is because a lot of people in the medical field are passionate about what they do. If you realize that they are not out to cause you harm or distress, it might relieve some of those fears. Here are some other ways you can cope with this type of stress.


Believe it or not but some people simply do not want to go to the doctor because they don’t have insurance. This is a logical stress because it does cause financial impacts. It doesn’t have much to do with going to the doctor itself, but rather about coming up with the finances to do so. You want to eliminate this stress by planning ahead. Not everyone has insurance, but you want to save up a little cash for when an emergency happens.

Fear of outcome

We often times do not want to know what our medical conditions are, but if there are any, it’s better to know. It’s like trying to collect letters of recommendation for dental school. It’s difficult to get, but absolutely necessary. Think about it this way. If you do not know, your condition could get worse. There is nothing to be scared of. Our doctors are equipped with a lot of knowledge and skills. The last thing you want is to catch yourself in an emergency situation because you left it to the last minute. Doctors’ visits are nothing to be afraid of and can do you more good than harm.


If you have already been diagnosed and you have to go for a certain procedure, it can cause some stress. You want to keep in mind that any form of stress is harmful when you are already in a fragile state. We are very fortunate to live in advanced times where most procedures offer minimal pain. Back in the day it was torturous to undergo any medical procedure, but that is why developments have been made. One way to overcome this fear is to have an open conversation with your doctor. Share your stresses and ask for some more detail. Once you understand what is going to take place, it limits your mind to run wild.

Internet searches

A lot of doctors will tell you to stay off Google. You cannot diagnose yourself with a simple internet search and most of the time it is incorrect. The stress placed on us by searching our symptoms online is that our brain recognizes the biggest danger. By the time you are ready to go to the doctor, you are so stressed out. A headache can mean so many things, but Google might tell you that it is a brain tumor when it is not even close. Get off the internet and go and consult your doctor about any symptoms you might have. It is much less stressful and provides accurate information.


The stress with finding a recommendation letter for dentist does not have to compare with a doctor’s visit. Go for your annual check-up to make sure you stay on top of your health. If there are some underlying medical issues, you can catch it before it is developed. The doctor’s office is nothing to be feared, but rather embrace it as part of being a human being. Doctors are there to help us and not to cause us more stress.

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