3 Ways to Get the Most Out of a 5K

Does the thought of running a 5K race excite you? If you’re an avid long-distance runner, 5Ks have probably become a staple of your running routine. After all, a 3.1-mile distance run is just a fraction of the 26-mile marathon and most runners will finish the race in less than an hour. Also, if you’re a beginner, a 5K is much less intimidating than other marathons.

Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in organized 5K runs sponsored by civic organizations, schools, or charities – just type “5Ks near me” into your search engine to easily find a list of upcoming events.

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you’ll want to get the most out of your 5K run — maybe even have fun while doing it! With that in mind, here are three easy ways to not only survive your 5K but to actually enjoy the experience.

Be Prepared

The last thing you want to do during a 5K run is to drop out from cramps, illness, or complete exhaustion, so make sure your body and mind are prepared for the challenge. It’s not a great idea to go straight from couch potato to long-distance running. If this is your first race, take at least a few weeks prior to the race to work out, walk, jog and run, and definitely do some stretches before the race begins.

If you’re an experienced runner, you might get pumped up for the race with a pre-workout supplement like APS Mesomorph. Mesomorph delivers maximum endurance and clean, long-lasting energy with less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Plus — and this is the really great part — Mesomorph comes in fun flavors like Carnival Cotton Candy, Tutti Frutti, Rocket Pop, and Snow Cone!

Bring A Friend

Everyone has that friend who can always be counted upon to be the life of the party. That’s the friend you need to bring along on your 5K to make the race a blast. From prepping for the run together to showing up in matching outfits to challenging one another during the race, a friend (or two or three) can make the experience much more enjoyable. Imagine the Instagram pics you two will post!

Make It A Party

Speaking of being the life of a party, why not seek out a fun, themed race? A recent search for “5Ks near me” brought up a ton of crazy options, like a color run (where runners wear white and are sprayed with different colors of power or paint at different locations throughout the race), a November turkey trot 5K (runners are expected to wear Thanksgiving-themed costumes) and several food-themed races that involve random doughnut, hot chocolate, hot dog, or snack cake challenges and rewards. That last option seems a little counter-intuitive, but perhaps the point is that you’ll run off all those calories!


If you can’t find a themed race, bring your own theme. For example, wear suspenders, rainbow-striped knee socks, and a tutu. If it’s a night-time 5K, stand out in the crowd with glowing, bright, neon-colored glasses, bracelets or necklaces, or get creative with a glow stick, foam wands or light-up hats. Maybe you could become a crowd favorite by setting off a confetti cannon as you pass by a checkpoint. You can easily find these items at reasonable prices from companies like Premier Glow, which focuses on glowing and flashing party supplies.

The Finish Line

Preparing your body and mind, running with a friend, and incorporating attention-getting silly props are all great ideas for creating a fun 5K that you, your friends, the organizers and the crowd of well-wishers will all enjoy. Don’t forget, though, that most races are fundraisers, and you can feel good that while you’re having a great time and doing your body a favor, you’re also contributing to a good cause.

Happy running!

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