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How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

When purchasing new furniture for the kitchen, one of the most essential appliances to invest in would be the best garbage disposal. That way, you can throw away all trash and waste properly, without the hassle or stench. However, there are a ton of garbage disposals available, in different types and brands. So how will you know which is best for you?

Read on as I show you how to choose the best garbage disposal!

How to Choose the Best Garbage Disposal

It can be tough choosing excellent garbage disposals that fit your kitchen and what you need. So here are helpful tips and factors to consider:

1. What Type of Garbage Disposal Do You Need?

There are two types of garbage disposals available:

Continuous feed garbage disposals will keep running as long as the switch is flipped on, so you can place food or waste in the disposal while it’s on.

Batch feed disposals would only switch on when you place the disposal cover on it, so your disposal would run one batch at a time.

While continuous feed sink disposals are common and inexpensive, some would prefer batch feed sink disposals to avoid the risks of injury and flying particles.

If you prefer the convenience and have large batches of waste to dispose of at a time, a continuous feed sink disposal is best. However, if you are thinking of security (in case you have children or pets), then a batch feed sink disposal is a good choice.

Also, remember to take note of the grinding chamber, which should be large enough to handle the gunk and waste you put inside it.

2. The Horsepower Level

One of the most significant differences between the cheapest and most expensive garbage disposals is its horsepower level. A basic garbage disposal would have 1/4 horsepower motors, while the most powerful can own as much as one horsepower.

But do take note that those with one horsepower engines would be the best available. This would depend on the amount of garbage you have, as well as the number of people living in your household.

If ever you are a small household, and you don’t need to work your disposal hard, then a 1/4 or 1/3 horsepower model will do just fine. But if you are a larger family or have harder garbage to grind (like chicken bones), then a one horsepower garbage disposal is best for the kitchen.

3. The Noise Level

No one wants to have the loudest garbage disposals that run throughout the night or disturb other household members.

Sure, sink garbage disposals are known for their noise, but fortunately, more model disposals have reduced their noise levels. High-end garbage disposals would have noise-dampening materials and features which lessens that rumble when working at your disposal. But remember, if you want the quiet garbage disposal, you’re going to need to pay a bit more.

If you need quiet disposal, then prepare an extra budget for that, looking at reviews and the features of your chosen disposal to ensure that it has the lowest noise levels as possible. But if you want to save money, then you can still find a garbage disposal that performs well without much of the noise.

4. The Type of Materials Used

Lastly, look for garbage disposals with the quality materials. One of the reasons why one needs to repair or replace their disposals is because of its parts becoming corroded after years of water and food exposure.

To avoid the hassle of repairing or the cost of replacing it too soon, it’s best to find garbage disposals made of stainless steel. This is because stainless steel can resist corrosion. Garbage disposals that have the stainless steel components and grinders are known to last longer as compared to other disposals made from different materials.

Wrapping It Up

Through investing in the best garbage disposal, you won’t have to worry about the tedious chore of handling messy, stinky trash anymore. Use this guide as a starting point to help find one suitable for you and the kitchen!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on getting a quality garbage disposal, then comment below. Your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.

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