4 Ways Being Minimalist Is Great For Your Health
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4 Ways Being Minimalist Is Great For Your Health

A simpler life is a happier life.

Why? Because complexity leads to stress, to meaningless relationships, to doing many things that end up sucking your time and energy, but which aren’t really essential and get you nowhere.

Here’s why you should pursue such a lifestyle and how it will affect your well-being:

1. Less tasks and haste help you reduce stress.

Here are some of the main reasons why we’re so stressed out all the time:

we do too many things at once and that causes anxiety;

we try to get our work done faster, but our focus is limited and we get overwhelmed;

we have too many things on our calendar and no time for the things we enjoy doing or to spend some me time;

while working on a task, we’re thinking about all the other things that must get done late this day and can’t concentrate;

we’re obsessed with doing more.

All these are ruining our health in the long term. Luckily, you can eliminate most of the hassle and pressure.

How? By identifying which tasks from your list don’t give you results and removing them. By doing things slowly, working on one thing at a time and giving it your full attention.

The result will be increased productivity, more focus, efficiency, finding joy in your work, seeing results faster, and feeling accomplished every day.

2. Simplifying your diet will increase longevity.

Applying a minimalist approach to the way you eat means:

avoiding anything that comes in a package and isn’t good for your body;

putting smaller portions of food in your plate;

eating slowly, savoring every bite;

turning your meals into whole rituals by preparing your food yourself, being present while eating, and cleaning up after you finish;

cooking simply – not using too many ingredients;

eating only when you are hungry, and not when you feel bored, are out with friends or tempted by something at home, as most people do.

All this will not only help you lose weight in the most natural way and feel fresh and look younger, but it will affect other areas of your life too.

You’ll be full of energy and with a clear mind, which doubles your productivity.

The nutrients, fibers and vitamins you’ll consume daily will help you live longer and be healthy.

You may turn meals into a sacred time spent with loved ones and family, and strengthen your relationships by preparing the food together, eating slowly and enjoying it and each other’s company.

3. You’ll begin sleeping better.

A minimalist lifestyle includes using less technology as it distracts us, keeps our brain activated in the evening and doesn’t let us fall asleep quickly, and all we read online leads to information overload which prevents us from being calm and peaceful.

But once you start simplifying different aspects of your life, you’ll say no to texting and using any devices at least before you go to sleep.

Instead, you might get a book and read something inspiring to get yourself to sleep and have happy thoughts in your mind, instead of going through social media updates of people you don’t really care about.

4. Mindfulness makes you happier.

We complicate our lives by spending our time living in the past or trying to predict the future and fearing what might happen.

That’s an awful way to live and you end up missing out on life itself.

Don’t do that. Instead, be a minimalist. Simply be here, in this moment, and focus on what’s around you.

Be grateful for it, know it’s the right thing to happen to you right now. Smile for what is, let go of anything else.

That guarantees you peace of mind for the whole day,  and you awaken spiritually.

Now that you know how the way we live affects our health negatively, what can you do today to live a more minimalist lifestyle?

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