Creating The Perfect Guest Room
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Creating The Perfect Guest Room

If your house is big enough and you have the luxury of having a spare room, one of the logical things to do with it is to create a guest room. If you have visitors that are staying over, the guest room is very important as it is what gives an image of the house to your guest. For this reason, you need to create a stunning guest bedroom that feels cosy, welcoming and comfortable.  So here are some tips that will help you to create a guest bedroom so perfect that your guests won’t want to leave!

Get a Comfortable Bed

If you want to make your visitors feel comfy, then the main element of the room, the bed, needs to be comfy too. Since your guests will sleep there you need to ensure them a relaxing sleep. Of course the size of the bed is important, but this will depend on the actual size of the room. If you are lucky enough to have a big spare room, then don’t hesitate go for a king size bed to make your guests feel like they are in a five star hotel.

Bedside Tables

These are important and make your guests’ lives easier – they can leave their mobile phones, books and even glasses of water on them. Bedside tables are not only a perfect way of storing things for your guests, but also for you when the room is not in use. A common thing to do is to put a charging phone on the bedside table, so a good idea would be to make sure there is a plug close by.

Creating The Perfect Guest Room

Lights In The Bedroom

A key factor to make a room look better is the light. It is really important that as much natural light as possible penetrates the bedroom. If this is not enough, you need to make sure you have artificial light to help lighten the bedroom whilst also creating a relaxing atmosphere. As we previously mentioned, you need bedside tables, so why not use them for putting lamps on? You can also install some string lights to create a cosy and calm atmosphere.

Add Storage

As we were saying before, you need to make your guests lives easy, so your bedroom needs to contain everything they need. Add a wardrobe where they can leave their belongings, as well as chairs and hooks where they can leave their jackets and other possessions. This storage can also work as additional space for you to store some things – but you may need to clearly divide the space and leave a defined space for your guests.


Flooring plays an important role in the style of a room. Because a guest room tends to have a lesser level of traffic than other parts of the house, you have much greater choice for floors as they will be less likely to concede scratches or create hazards. Since you are trying to create a cosy and welcoming space, wood floors are the most suitable, as their warm looks will be perfect for the space you are trying to create for your guests.

As you can see, there lots of things you can do to create a guest room that will impress anyone that comes to stay over at your place!

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