Top Tips For The First Time Traveller

Top Tips For The First Time Traveller

If you are planning on going to a big travel and it’s your first, you should know that sometimes this could be hard to plan and a bit stressful. These are my personal top 4 picks for the first time traveller, take notes!

Do It Now

If you are planning on going away from home for a long period of time, then you must organise everything in detail way before the actual departing day. I’m not just talking about your clothes, but also your plans once you reach your destination. For example, if you are going to stay in a big city, like London, then you should have a detailed plan of action to get to your new place (whether if it’s a hotel, a room, a flat, whatever) and what to do during the first days.


I have been in London and Manchester for 5 years now, I came here straight from Ocala CA, without having been informed about what documents were necessary to get a working Visa. Luckily I found the best immigration lawyer London has ever seen, and I was able to sort it out. But don’t do it like me, go to Google, research and see what you have and what’s missing! This is not something you wanna joke about, trust me, always be sure to check everything through with immigration solicitors London or which country you’re in.

Business Trips

The first time I was informed about a business trip my boss told me “We’re going to Europe in 3 days, is that ok for you?” and I was like ‘Oh yeah, Europe, awesome!”, but I started panicking soon afterwards: what to wear, what to do, what should I bring with me? If these ones ever applied to you, then here’s my best advice: try and ask your boss (if possible) way before the actual departure. This to prevent the previously listed questions!

Internet Over Everything

Before leaving you should always check on Google Maps where your place is, how far is from all the relevant shops and attractions and most of all, how you can easily reach it. That is the starting point. Also, looking at some historical places would be quite nice, so you can schedule your first days like a proper tourist! These are the top app that you must have on your smartphone: Google Maps, Uber and Citymapper (life saving one)

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