Business Tips: Is There A Perfect Length For Web Content
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Business Tips: Is There A Perfect Length For Web Content

When I start writing about a topic that fascinates me, I get lost in the writing world that I don’t look at the number of words used until after I am through writing. As a business, you can use your website to improve your brand image while providing high-quality content.

You probably have content creation strategies as one of your stepping stones to realize your goals and increase conversions. The next probable question would be, what matters most between the length of the content and quality? Both aspects of your website content, matter.

Google regularly recalibrates its algorithm to eliminate those keyword stuffed content that doesn’t serve a need. Though you may get a help me paraphrase service for your needs, you also have to appeal to your target audience with the content that you post.

In 2015/16, the optimal length of a post was about 1700 words. However, according to research by HubSpot, content with more than 2000 words performed better in social shares and backlinks. Having to produce a lengthy article requires in-depth analysis and insight into the subject matter.

How to Boost your Online Content Performance

There may be arguments on the ideal length for the content you share. In some instances, a small material may produce better results than a lengthy one. All in all, the following tips will help you boost the performance of your content:

Conduct keyword research

Do you have a content planning strategy? If not, you should consider opening an account on Google Keyword Planner. To improve your ranking in search engines, you need to integrate highly-searched keywords in your content.

Opt for the keywords that have low competition. The integration should be seamless and not just a combination of different words that don’t satisfy a need. Get the necessary rewrite a sentence service for your paragraphs.

Stay focused

While it may be easy to cover different topics on a single page, the focus is key to high engagement rates. Choose a specific theme, service or product to include on each page. Fitting different ideas on a given page may only lead to the distraction of the target audience.

Be consistent

When planning for the topics to address, practice consistency and diligence. Many businesses fail to abide by this. Their tone and message may vary from one post to another. People can easily remember you through having a consistent voice.

It will also enhance your brand image and message while at the same time increasing your customer’s perception of your reliability.

Accommodate skimmers using headlines

Not everyone has the opportunity to go through all the search results to find the content that suits their needs. To accommodate skimmers, you will need to summarize your main points into headlines. It makes it easy for them to read through your content by being able to note down the important ideas.

Be relevant

Before you start jotting down your thoughts, think about your choice of subject. Is it appropriate to your target audience? Let your articles be interesting, or provide a solution to a problem. Share a compelling story that relates to the subject matter where possible.


Both quality and quantity of the content that you share on your website matters. You should understand your target audience and create content that meets their needs. Though the ideal length of the material is considered to be above 2000 words, in some instances, shorter posts may perform better.

Whatever the case, you should focus be consistent, incorporate keywords, stay relevant, to boost your online presence. Find, rewrite my paper help, if and when needed.

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