Reasons Why Only Tutoring Is So Exciting Among Students As Well As Parents

Reasons Why Only Tutoring Is So Exciting Among Students As Well As Parents

India saw a wave of change happening when CBSE started a venture of offering coaching to girl engineering aspirants. The name of the initiative is Udaan which means “Flight”. IIT is not behind in this league. IITs also began offering free coaching through mediums like Direct to Home TV channels as well as Internet for the benefit of the engineering aspirants studying in 11th and 12th standard. With these two popular ventures, online coaching is definitely gaining the attention of online as well as offline media. The question is, “Are these ventures helping those students studying remotely when compared to the traditional method of learning?” You will have the answer in the following points.

Benefits of Online Coaching

  • Accessibility: With online coaching getting more highlight and popularity, more and more students are taking to online coaching. It can be accessed from any corner of the world and for students from rural areas too. It is a blessing for the students of these underprivileged students who don’t have quality teachers for the explanation of topics usually asked in engineering entrances. It is not just with engineering coaching but medical coaching too. Students are provided with live lecture videos and study materials that can be referred to several times when in need. Girl children in some of the areas of the countries are not allowed to live anywhere else unless they get admitted in one of the best institutions. This makes it really helpful for the girl students.
  • Internet Knowledge: With most of the entrances being conducted online, you students are more inclined towards this technology. Even parents want their kids to excel in internet communication of learning. Most of the schools and colleges have started to use multi-media for various topics’ lessons. This inclination towards internet knowledge is also a reason parents and students don’t mind opting for online coaching.
  • One on One Coaching: Gone are the days when a lesson was taught as per the convenience of the tutors. Online coaching makes ways for one on one session with students who are not able to follow the class as per the schedule. This gives it a personal touch and makes one feel like attending a traditional classroom coaching.
  • Flexibility and Safety: We all have heard of the lives the pressure of entrances have taken in Kota, known as the hub of coaching in India. Most of the students are also known to have gone into depression and extreme stress due to the immense pressure and timing that one has to adhere to and then finally not being able to make it. Well, there are more to it. When a student is sent to the traditional classroom coaching, parents don’t know much about the personality of the tutor; however, when it is online mode, being parents you feel safe and secure for your child. The timing which varies from 5 am to 10 pm can be risky at times if an area is deemed unsafe. On the other hand, online coaching is flexible and can be attended from the comfort of your home. Online coaching is beyond unsafe area and odd hours. This means flexibility and safety is within your control.

Apart from these benefits, online coaching has an option of being available round the clock so that any question, any doubt you have can be answered by one of the experts available online. This provision is t break the barrier of time because study day and night while preparing for the tough medical and engineering entrances.

As a student, you come into contact with those who are already preparing from the common entrance or someone who has already made it to the top engineering colleges. This way, you have a better network where the exchange of ideas happens to make the coaching fruitful for you.

Online coaching is gaining immense popularity among students and parents and we can’t agree more after reading the benefits that come with it.

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