Places To Visit In Digha – Guide For First Time Visitors

Places To Visit In Digha – Guide For First Time Visitors

West Bengal is one of those rare states in India which has sea, ocean, hills, mountains and plains, all in it. Among the beaches, the most popular one would surely be Digha, the 2nd most favourite beach destination for Bengalis, after Puri in Orissa. Before you leave for Digha, via train, Govt. bus service, private bus service and of course, cars, find your accommodation from the list of best hotels in Digha.  

Once you are in Digha, you might end up spending the whole time on the beach, watching endless waves and enjoying the beachside food. Let me tell you, there are so many other things to do once you are in Digha.

The Beach

Did I just say you can do a lot more than the beach? Well, that’s true, but to do ‘more’ you must do the ‘benchmark’ first. So, head to the beach once you are in Digha because after all, you are here to see the beach, right? Digha beach is, however, turbulent and you should not get into too deep water unless you are an extremely adept swimmer. Else, lay back without a worry in the world and enjoy the breeze and the waves and watch the small fishing boats riding the waves near the horizon.

Digha Fish Market

You came to a sea beach, that too in Bengal; can you really ignore the fish market? Inhale deeply, at least, 500m away from it, muster your courage and enter the biggest fish market in Digha, Mohona fish market. It is near the old Digha beach. Here you can see almost all the fishes the local fishermen catch because this is their selling point. Roam around and click some photos. On your way back, carry a fish or two to your hotel and all the hotels, at least those which are on the list of best hotels in Digha, will gladly cook it for you, albeit for a little charge. You will not get fresher sea fish than this. Relish while you can.

Chandaneshwar Temple

You must travel 6 km to catch the blessing of Baba Chandaneshwar. You can take a bus, car or even the local motor rickshaws. The annual fair takes place in the last month of Bengali calendar, placing it somewhere in April. There is a good gathering during the annual fair and you can expect to see a glimpse of the traditional Bengali life and culture. Keep your camera handy to capture all those click-worthy moments.

Marine Aquarium and Research Centre

Built by National Council of Science Museums, this is slowly becoming famous as this is a rather new attraction at Digha. There are buses and rickshaws everywhere taking you to this spot. There are 24 large fish tanks and 8 small fish tanks each of which will keep you engrossed for minutes. Take at least 3 hours to really appreciate the collection. Also remember, the operating hours are 10-6 so, do not go too late or too early.

Amarabati Park

You can retreat from the wild sea to the serene lake where you can go fishing, boating and relaxing under the shades of trees. This place is frequented by those who love solitude during their holidays. The park is very well maintained and you can take your family with you. The entry fee is an abysmally low Rs5. You can spend a whole day here if you so wish.

Khanika Market

It’s time to buy some souvenirs for home from Digha, isn’t it? That’s why you should head towards Khanika market. If you want to buy those fancy jewellery made from seashells, bangles made from conchs, earrings, pendants and other sea-themed home decoration items, Khanika market is the ideal place. Don’t forget to haggle and get a better price. Shopaholics will have a field day here at Khanika market.

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