Top-Rated Customer Reviews Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Top-Rated Customer Reviews Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Consumers’ reviews play a vital role in this new, well-structured online shopping experience. As the eCommerce industry is experiencing a boom, customer reviews have special relevance in this space, all thanks to the internet. We have witnessed a trend where brands are now adding these reviews to their website using tools like Google review widget, Yelp review widget, and more. It helps them to win the trust of their consumers and build a brand reputation. Even in the WordPress community, ample plugins help users in this cause, as it helps them display customer reviews on their WordPress website. We will be discussing some of the best customer reviews plugins for WordPress in this blog. You can use these plugins to showcase reviews in an attractive manner. You can even refer to various customer reviews examples used by different brands to understand these styles.

So without any further delays, let’s learn about the best-rated customer reviews WordPress plugin that enables you to display customer reviews feedback and reviews in style.

Best Customers Reviews Plugins For WordPress Website (20022)

The WordPress plugin store has many customer reviews plugins that help you in the cause, but we have listed the best from the lot for ease and convenience. You can find these plugins with ease and operate them with comfort. They are known for providing some great results and have a reputation in the market.

1. Customer Reviews Plugin By Tagembed

Customer Reviews Plugin By Tagembed

Tagembed is a well-known social media aggregator tool that has a name for itself by providing excellent services. This tool provides the best Customer reviews plugins. The plugin helps users collect consumers’ reviews from their desired source, allows them to curate and customize the collected feed, and assists in displaying them on the website.

The plugin eases the embedding process, and merely within a few seconds, you can embed customer reviews on a WordPress website using this tool. Alongside easing the embedding process, the plugin also provides useful features that add tremendous value to this plugin. The features include customization that enables users to personalize their widget as per their needs by changing the font size, font style, and more. It is essential to make the website more noteworthy, or else what will be the point of displaying the review if it goes unnoticed.

It also has the moderation feature that allows users to remove the misleading reviews that might satisfy their needs. Custom CTA, custom CSS, and analytics are other major plugin features. It also offers various themes and layout that helps in making the website more presentable and organized.

All the widgets, including the Google review widget, Yelp review widget, and more from the plugin, are responsive, which means they adjust themselves as per different screen sizes. There is no need to change the display setting as per other devices for visitors.

2. WP Google Review Slider

WP Google Review Slider

Slider layout has great popularity. You can add them anywhere on your web page; they take less space and look appealing on the website. Moreover, they provide ease to the visitors, as they can read reviews and make their purchase decision in one go.

You can get these consumers’ review sliders and add them to your website with the WP Google Review slider. Like the plugin mentioned above, even this plugin is shortcode compatible and hence provides a simplified embedding solution.

Besides sliders, you can choose themes and layouts like a responsive grid or list for your widget and display consumers’ reviews in style. You can select how many reviews to display per row and even have multiple rows.

3. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews


WP Customer Reviews Plugins are other powerful customer reviews plugins that allow you to collect and display reviews related to your business. You can showcase the reviews from your customers and prove your credibility in front of your visitors.

Moreover, the plugin helps you display real-time reviews, which helps make your website more engaging. With 16 predefined design templates, you can attractively showcase your reviews and enhance your website’s overall look and feel. Also, the plugin is compatible with all the WordPress themes making this plugin more worthy.

Like the tools mentioned above, it is compatible with various review platforms, so you can use a widget such as Google review widget, Yelp review widget, and more for your website and win the trust of your visitors.

Over To You

There you have it, and these are the 3 best customer reviews plugins that enable you to embed consumer reviews on the WordPress website. Whether it’s a Facebook review widget or a Google review widget, these plugins simplify the embedding procedure for all. You can even display the reviews as per your need, refer to many customer reviews examples on different websites, and display them with ease. So, the ball is in your court now, try these plugins now, embed customer reviews, and achieve your business goals.