The Most Beautiful Beaches & Watersports In Puerto Rico

The Most Beautiful Beaches & Watersports In Puerto Rico

If you are going to travel to Puerto Rico, have a try to get out of the crowded capital and plan an interesting beach weekend for your friends or family. You can find a city beach that is a bit crowded. But San Juan offers a good choice of beautiful beaches around that you can easily visit if you rent a car. Offering a variety of the main summer attractions, beaches, and surfing, San Juan is considered to be the main touristic capital.

This is a home to many different beaches, big and small, crowded and unspoiled. Each of these natural spots is a really unique stretch of sand with magnificent nature around. Let’s find out which of the local beaches are worth your visiting and what activities they offer.

Beach San Juan

TOP 7 Beaches Around San Juan

No doubt, you’ll find the most beautiful places for your beach rest if you use Payless car rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This is the fastest and the most comfortable way of transportation here. Besides, Payless offers cars of different sizes and brands to suit any budget. Looking for the best place for surfing, pay attention to the area around Rincon, where you’ll find Playa Crash Boat. Don’t stop driving and find the beach of your dreams.

  • Atlantic Beach

This beach is the most favourite resting place for San Juan’s LBGTQIA community. The beach territory is full of atmospheric cafes and restaurants. You can find a beach portfolio on the site and decide what places to visit. The beach is equipped with comfortable beach chairs and umbrellas where you can sit and drink cocktails. Also, there is enough space for entertainment. Why don’t you rent a bike and explore a territory around or take a car from Payless and drive to see nearby tourist attractions, including San Juan Cathedral and La Fortaleza?

  • Condado Beach

If you like Miami vacation, you will appreciate this place. Condado Beach is the most romantic place in San Juan. Here, you can meet happy honeymooners and families with small kids. By the way, Payless has a big choice of minivans for families and big companies. If you don’t want to spend the whole day at the beach, come to sunbathe in the morning and then, continue your trip, exploring the old city around. If you have a free day, rent an umbrella or a bungalow and have fun with your family, protected from the hot Caribbean sun.

  • Isla Verde Beach

Welcome to the popular San Juan suburb and a picturesque beach resort. Isla Verde is full of luxury hotels and absolutely various public. Here, at this beach, you can find all the needed conveniences to have the best beach vacation this summer. Also, Verde beach is the best spot for watersports. People come here with their surfboards, diving equipment, and other water sports facilities to have fun. Don’t worry if your car is not big enough to take your surfing board from home. Payless can help to rent a minivan or even a camping van so that you don’t even need to book a hotel.

  • Escambron Beach

This is one of the finest beaches in San Juan for the weekend. You can meet a lot of families with their kids and friends spending quality time here. Of course, the beach territory is crowded but the coastline is long and you’ll surely find a comfortable place for your vacation. Again, this beach, as many other beaches around San Juan, is especially attractive for surfers and divers. It is recommended to get here early, to find the best place under the sun.

  • Hobie Beach

If you are tired of crowded places and want to hide your family from people’s eyes, ask Payless for a good car and go to Hobie beach. Drive your car to the east from San Juan straight to the neighboring town of Carolina. This is a great lonely place where people come for swimming and sunbathing. Hobie is one of the best beaches for partying. Beach bars and restaurants are waiting for you.


Popular beach attractions that local beaches offer:

Don’t worry if you picked a budget Payless vehicle and there is not enough space for your sports equipment. Anyway, you can rent what you need on the beach. Water sports in Puerto Rico are a fun experience. There are so many things to do, but kayaking and surfing are the most requested ones. 


If you ask any local, they’ll tell you that one of the best ways to explore the neighborhoods around Sun Juan is to kayak through them. There are special agencies that offer you different routes of any complication levels. The most popular destination for kayakers on the Island is La Parguera to see the Caribbean beauty.


If you are a fan of surfing, there are many spots around San Juan to try yourself. Puerto Rico is the ideal surfing destination: the waves are big and warm, sandy bottom, and special surfing culture make your surfing experience the most enjoyable.

Puerto Rico has much to offer. Local weather is favorable for summer tourists and beach attractions. Just rent a car and try to pick the route that your family likes the most. Anyway, there are many beautiful beaches, good for sunbathing the same as for water sports.