6 Most Popular Anime Genres You Need to Explore
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6 Most Popular Anime Genres You Need to Explore

The Japanese anime industry has been gaining an immense amount of popularity all around the globe. Part of the reason for this fame is anime covers a wide range of genres for people of all age groups.

There are anime shows that are just for kids. Doraemon is a great example of that. There are anime shows for teenagers, adults, and even for specific demographics. Anime sites like Kissanime are a great place for streaming anime from all these genres online.

Below are the most popular anime genres in the entire world, that you need to explore

  1. Shonen Anime:

The Shonen Anime genre is the most popular and includes shows that are quite famous all over the world. Shonen Anime is targeted towards a Young Teen Male audience and follows the story of a protagonist who wants to the BEST there is (in the specific context of his story).

Anime shows are like Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note are the most popular Shonen anime shows. Kissanime features all these anime that you can check out and watch online for free.

  1. Slice of Life Anime:

If you like light stories with awesome life lessons, then you should check out the Slice of Life Anime. These anime usually follow the routine of specific characters in their everyday life. These stories are not so complicated but are still great for passing your free time.

Anohana, Tamako Market, and Clannad are some of the most popular Slice of Life anime genre shows. These anime are usually quite short and try to replicate the everyday experiences of individuals.

  1. Comedy Anime:

The comedy anime genre is quite great for people who want to have unlimited laughter. These anime take the most mundane activities and present them in a funny way that won’t let you hold your laughter. There is anime that is specifically focused on comedy whereas others are a combination of a variety of different genres and comedy. Kissanime hosts most of the trending comedy anime for you to check out.

Gintama and Cowboy Bebop are the most popular names in the comedy anime list. Naruto and One piece are a combination of comedy and action so if you are interested in that sort of thing, you can check out these anime.

  1. Shojo Anime:

Shojo Anime is aimed towards a teen female audience. These anime also feature a touch of a slice of life genre and these anime have stories that the young female demographic can relate to. These anime have a massive viewership and are easily available on most online platforms. Shojo Anime mostly feature love stories with fascinating twists that would keep the viewers hooked for hours.

  1. Sports Anime:

Sports anime are becoming quite famous with every new sports anime release. There have been classics like Inazuma Eleven and its sequels that were loved by anime viewers all around the globe. More trending sports anime include Yuri on Ice, Slam Dunk, Kuroko’s Basketball, etc. You can check out all these anime on Kissanime and watch their complete list of episodes on the official anime platforms.

  1. Strategy Anime:

Strategy anime allows you to think on a deeper level and try to understand the moves of the characters in the anime. Some strategy anime is so advanced level that they are not recommended for kids. This anime contains psychological warfare that is quite hard to understand for little kids. Anime like Decease Note, Code Geass, and The Assured Neverland. These anime are a must for people who are planning on getting into anime.

  1. Happy Go Lily Anime:

Shoujo Ai alludes to anime including overwhelmingly female projects that indicate same-sex connections while never getting unequivocal. Most fuse cut of life and “charming young ladies doing adorable things” components, so YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily could be viewed as a door anime for every one of the three classes.

Basing on the four individuals from a center school’s Amusement Club, YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily is cheerful rubbish that basically leaves its charming characters alone themselves. The main season is the most fragile of the three accessible, yet it is as yet a respectable watch.

Wrapping Up:

Anime shows have had a massive influence on cultures all around the globe. This is because how easy it is for the people to get access to popular anime shows. You can find the best sites for anime at Plasticrypt. There are many other anime genres for kids and adults that you can also check out.

The anime genres that we have talked about here are the best ones for beginners. Make sure to check out the anime genres that we have talked about here and let us know about your favorite anime from these genres in the comments section.